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Hey there, I’m Allana.

a Boston photographer that specializes in boudoir and intimate portraits.

First ever boudoir session, before I even knew what it was? 

Mid 90s, Western Mass dorm room, a Pentax K-1000 loaded with Tri-X film. 

Yes, it was a hundred years ago, and I have been photographing people (with and without their clothes on) ever since.

Have I been on my own complicated journey of self acceptance?  You bet.  Am I happy every day that I am alive? Absolutely!

why I can get results for clients…

For me it’s all about emotion and story telling. I know that boudoir can be more than a record of what you look like in your underpants. it’s about humanity, the emotion, the magic of our truest selves.

Learning body language and breathing and waiting for the moment when the masks are dropped and you are authentically present. 

And it’s gorgeous. And real. And totally worthy of being seen.

Still curious?

That’s the best place to start. Let’s talk.

Fun Facts with Allana

1. Silk or Lace?

denim & leather

2. Candlelit or Moonlit dining?


3. Slow Dance or Wild Tango?

slow dance for sure

4. Red Roses or White Lilies?


5. Sunset Stroll or Midnight Swim?

midnight swim

6. Podcasts?


7. British Cozy Murder Series?


Here are a few ways we can work together

Let’s Do This!

The baseline here at the studio: curiosity, compassion, love


Intimate portraits are a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation.

It’s as simple as that.

Photo of a woman in lingerie leaning on a wall.

Curious about YOUR IDEAL boudoir style?

It's not the Wardrobe. It's the mood.

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