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Maternity glamour portrait photography is a beautiful way to document a fleeting (int he long run) time in life. ?With a body that is changing and different every day. ?This makes each maternity portrait session unique.

Friend and confidant, Kiera, came by the studio last week. ?I asked months ago if she’d up to be up for a Modern Glamour styled maternity portrait session. ?She wasn’t sure – she claimed she was much more comfortable behind the camera.

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The challenge of shooting in the third trimester is making sure your muse if comfortable. ?We had a small lunch together to kick off the shoot.

When we began planning her dream session, the only vision she had was a silhouette. ?She then handed over the creative reigns to me for the other sets and wardrobe. ?I had this soft pink maternity robe that I thought would look lovely with Keira’s complexion. ?The backdrop here is a lovely canvas damask that was originally a few yards of upholstery material. ?It looks gorgeous in natural light with soft pastel tones.

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K also requested to use the brick wall – something that doesn’t make a lot of appearances in my current work.

 urban maternity portrait brick

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We kept the shoot moving quickly ?- as with maternity portrait sessions comfort is key. ?I pulled out a black dress and Kiera managed to wiggle into it for our final look. I love this one!

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I have photographed many women’s portrait sessions in Boston, photographing women at all stages of life. ?I love photographing maternity portraits. ?Each portrait session is a collaboration with my muse to create beautiful and celebratory glamour portraits where you look like you – the best possible for you.

Interested in booking a maternity portrait session??Email me now for more ideas about Boston glamour portrait photography in Boston or click the button below. Or contact my Boston boudoir photography studio.

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