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Black and White Bridal Boudoir

modern muse boston bridal black and white fine art boudoir


Some of my favs from a recent bridal boudoir session. ?This client rocked her shoot! ?For the ones I can share, I processed them all with a moody black and white, with a healthy dose of grain for added atmosphere.

modern muse boston bridal black and white fine art boudoir

Of course, there is image of her gorgeous face, but the ones I’m sharing today show little moments from the session that was evocative and sensual and a little mysterious.


modern muse boston bridal black and white fine art boudoir

With a friend in tow, she combed through the mall and found some lovely pieces. ?Since she was up for doing some implied nudity (hands, sheets, shadows) she also brought a nude thong which is great for visually disappearing.

modern muse boston bridal black and white fine art boudoir

Bringing in your partner’s shirt to be photographed in is a classic! ?Love this on here, of her rolling up the sleeves, adapting the length of the shirtsleeves to fit her body.

With a glimpse of our studio in the background, you can see all the shape of her strong back.

modern muse boston bridal black and white fine art boudoir

Since this was a bridal boudoir shoot (the images intended to go into a gift album) we pulled out the floor-length veil for some window silhouettes.

bridal boudoir veil classy sensual

Bridal boudoir sessions are a lot of fun! ???

Bridal boudoir clients tend to choose an album to hold their favorites and to present this special ‘little black book’ to their partner’s the night before the wedding. It’s a fun, playful and sexy groom’s gift.?? You can even place a personalized inscription in the album pages making the whole gift more meaningful.

fine art bridal boudoir classy sensual boston

Congratulations on the engagement!? Getting married and searching for the perfect groom’s gift shouldn’t be the only reason to consider doing a boudoir session – but it’s a great reason anyway!

As a Boston boudoir photographer, I photographed many boudoir portrait sessions in Boston and collaborated with my clients to create beautiful, sensual and tasteful boudoir images.

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