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Boston Mens Boudoir

Boston Mens Boudoir

Want to know about male boudoir photography in Boston? More and more people are finding the joy of experiencing a boudoir photo session. Not only because they get to see yourself reflected in killer magazine quality portraits but also because they want to step out of their heads, their internal self-critical monologue and remember who they are at their core – a sensual being worthy of being acknowledged.

And more and more men are making their way to the studio – because guess what? Men have the same complex relationships with their bodies. They also want to see themselves with a whole heart!

Committing to a boudoir session has momentum. it?s taking you to where you want to be on your journey of knowing and truly seeing yourself.

Male Boudoir Photography Boston

Do Men Get Boudoir Photos Done?

I?m giving some push back on this idea that men can?t have a sensual and vulnerable side. Boudoir is not only for women. It?s not only about showing skin. Boudoir is not only lingerie photos. Boudoir is not about being feminine. Boudoir is not about looking perfect- because no one is perfect!

It’s about being fully present in your body and unapologetically aware of your own magic! It’s about showing up for yourself and fully inhabiting your body – and celebrating the gratitude you have for it! And women don?t have a monopoly on that.

There are so many reasons to do a male boudoir photography session. We have had men who are post break up and wanting to remember themselves, men who want to give an album to their partners, men who are celebrating a milestone birthday, men who have come into a new place in their lives and want to celebrate that. Sound familiar?

Male Boudoir Photography


Interested in your own Boston male boudoir photography shoot? In seeing yourself with a whole heart and with love? On recognizing and exploring your vulnerability?

Drop us a line and we?ll get you on the calendar!

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Boudoir Mood & Style Quiz

It’s not the wardrobe. It’s the mood.

Options for your portrait session can seem overwhelming.

You might not be a lingerie person. And that’s totally ok! We want to help you find the vibe that feels right for you.

Whatever your style is, whatever your comfort level, this quiz helps you find the right look just for you to express yourself. So let’s get this party started!

Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation

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Ready to strip down?

BIRTHDAY Suit Flash sale is coming

When all you needs are hands, sheets and shadows.