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Six weeks into parenthood and I fell right into it.  A friend, and talented photographer, met up with me and the boy in our neighborhood park.   It was gorgeous light, one of the first days of spring.   She had her camera out and picking it up a few inches offered, smiling, to take a few images of us.  

I wasn?t sure when the last time I had showered was.  I was wearing rumpled clothes and exhausted.

Nah, I said.  It?s okay.  Her camera dropped back to her hip.

It was only later that I realized I was doing the same thing that I see other parents do.  Shy away from getting their portraits made with their children.  Why?  Because I wasn?t ?ready? to have my picture taken.  How do I even unpack that?  I?ve been taking images of the boy nonstop, mostly with my iphone as it?s handy and can be used with relative ease one handed.   And I?ve gotten images of him with his dad.  But in comparison to the number of images of him, there?s aren?t that many of him and me together.  

But these images aren?t for me as much as they will be for him.  And I can get over my self consciousness for that.

Thankfully I am surrounded by photographers who push past by my hesitancy.  

 taken by our friend and neighbor Roberto Mighty
taken by our friend and neighbor Roberto Mighty


As I make a conscious effort to #getinthepictures, I encourage you to do it too! 


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