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Boudoir Photography Gift Ideas That Are Sexy & Fun

Boudoir photo shoots are popular for brides and sometimes couples do a boudoir shoot together. Boudoir photos are often gifted. But how do gift boudoir photography? We have some boudoir photography gift ideas. 


What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Sessions are a professional portrait session meant as an extraordinary and special gift for both yourself and your partner. Boudoir sessions are customized to be about you – so your boudoir photos could range from modest to straight-up sensual – you decide your own comfort level. You don’t have to get naked! The sessions should be about building confidence and holding space for you to see the beautiful and strong person you are.

Yes, your partner will be wowed by the gift of your boudoir photos. And the boudoir session as also a gift to yourself. Life is balancing the chaos. You’ve done the work to get to a place of inner strength. You have explored and found acceptance and beauty in who you truly are.

We love working with our clients to create gift albums from the images taken at your boudoir session. Our high end and handcrafted albums and prints are perfect for gifting your partner.

So what are some common boudoir photography gift ideas This is one of the most asked questions when planning a boudoir session. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some great boudoir photography gift ideas!


Boudoir Photo Gift Ideas

If you are planning to gift your boudoir photos, here are our four favorite sexy and fun ideas to present boudoir photos as a gift:

  1. Words and Pictures
  2. Happy Trails
  3. Interactive
  4. Casual Surprise


1) Words and Pictures

Our favorite option because it involved putting even more of yourself into this gift – adding words. This isn’t for the faint of heart, I know, but we love the idea of adding your words to give a deeper and more personal context to your boudoir photos. Think about combining the images with your own love letter and with poems that you both love or song lyrics that are especially meaningful to you and your relationship.

Writing down how you feel about the person you are making yourself vulnerable for, the connection has to them, the trust you put in them – how much they rock your world – all of that is putting your boudoir images in and even more intimate and personal context.

You can either work with your photographer to add the text into the album design, handwrite your text on vellum (translucent paper) that you can add in between the album pages, or tuck little love notes into the album itself.


2) Happy Trails

In the weeks and days leading up to the gift-giving day (wedding day, anniversary, birthday, etc.) you can give little hints of the album but teasing out a few images. You could do this by texting (if you have digital files) or by placing small gift prints in unlikely places (like a sock drawer or under a pillow).


3) Interactive

There more than a few ways of creating an interactive gift with your boudoir images. (And some of our clients come back to us for maternity boudoir sessions!) You can use the album to show what parts of your body you love your partner to touch and kiss. Maybe you are wearing one of the items from your boudoir photo session.

For example, one idea a client did was to add her boudoir prints to a vintage cigar box that held not only her boudoir photos and love notes but other things that her partner enjoyed that they could enjoy together – I’ll let your imagination take it from there.

To mark an anniversary, you could give your partner a date night box with individual envelopes containing one print from your session and a personalized date night love coupon – one envelope per date night! After all the enveloped have been opened you can add the images into an album.


4) Casual Surprise

One of my favorite ideas of delivering a boudoir album as a gift is to leave it on the bed before you go out for the night, there on their side of the bed. Maybe open to one page that is identifiable as you. Mention it briefly before you leave the house that you want to share it with them later tonight. They will be thinking about it the entire time you’re gone, excitement will build and you will be ready to enjoy it together later that night.


Etsy tie

One last boudoir photography gift idea and we love this one – It’s a tie with your favorite boudoir photo printed on the interior – You can check it out on this Etsy shop.


Let’s be honest – you don’t need the excuse of giving a boudoir photo gift. Of course, gifts are fun to give – Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversaries and wedding day gifts are all reasons to give a gift of boudoir photography.


Giving a Boudoir Gift to Your Partner

When our Muses give their images as a gift to their partners – they can’t stop looking at them. How much will your partner love this gift? Our boudoir photography is an elegant and beautiful way to beautiful to share your vulnerability and your strength with your partner. We know you will both love and share the experience. Drop us a note to learn more about our boudoir photo gift ideas.

Are you looking for some more boudoir photography ideas? Our Boston boudoir photography studio can help. For more inspiration, read the Modern Muse blog, or contact us today, and we can get started shooting photos.

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