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A Winter Boudoir Session

boudoir photography plus size

Meet the Modern Muse who calls herself Cocoa Gypsy Goddess!? She connected with me through Instagram – and we found a time that coordinated with both our schedules to make a shoot happen this winter. So glad we did!

Wondering what to wear? I love that she chose texture! A long-sleeved sequin bodysuit and a silky black blouse with a daring neckline. She even brought a cute black beret.

black velvet bodysuit boudoir photography plus size

body positive plus size boudoir

boudoir photos body positive plus size

boudoir photos body positive plus size


It?s not. ?We go through the prep and planning like usual. ?

We?ve all had uncomfortable moments looking at images of ourselves. We all succumbed to comparing our own appearance with other peoples. ?Be kind to yourself throughout this process.

Part of the wardrobe and styling planning is to work with what you love about your body. ?It?s my job to guide you through posing. It?s my job to choose the right lens and the right lighting. ?

All our Modern Muse boudoir sessions begin with finding out about you. Who you are – what you love about your body, your life. ?We start to plan your session based on you and how you want to be styled. Hair, makeup and wardrobe all come together so that you look amazing. ?

boudoir photos body positive plus size?


To be honest the majority of photoshop I do is in the background – light switches, outlets, extending a background. ?If there are any scars you are self-conscious about or marks you don?t typically have, we can minimize those too. But ultimately these images are about making you shine – so you look like you. At your very best.

boudoir photos body positive plus size


Why not right now? ?We have a limited number of dates each month and our calendar fills up quickly. ?We sometimes have last-minute spots open – let us know if you?d like to try to get on the schedule. ?

If this is a gift that should be presented on a special date, let?s get you in at least 2 months prior to that day. ?This will give us enough time to get everything through production. ?

boudoir photos body positive plus size


We see this as a chance to document you at your best!? To prepare for the shoot, we recommend

  • Start trying on wardrobe! Note what you feel fantastic wearing. This is what to bring.
  • Drink plenty of water. We should do this every day anyway and maybe you do already.
  • Try to get good sleep. Being well-rested actually helps you look your best (in photos and in real life)
  • Color your hair, see your stylist the week prior
  • Like a manicure/pedicure – ?get your nails done with a solid shade or just have them buffed
  • If you wax, wax. ?If you shave, shave. ?And if you don?t normally remove body hair, don’t! We want you to feel like YOU in these images. So do what makes you feel gorgeous!

boudoir photos body positive plus size

If you like these winter boudoir photos and it spurred some ideas for you, our Boston boudoir photography studio is here to help you create a memorable winter boudoir experience.

A women posing in bed wearing black lingerie and striped long sleeves.

Boudoir Mood & Style Quiz

It’s not the wardrobe. It’s the mood.

Options for your portrait session can seem overwhelming.

You might not be a lingerie person. And that’s totally ok! We want to help you find the vibe that feels right for you.

Whatever your style is, whatever your comfort level, this quiz helps you find the right look just for you to express yourself. So let’s get this party started!

Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation