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Bridal Boudoir Photography Ideas

Bridal Boudoir Photography Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! ?One the the life milestones that operates as impetus for many women to consider a boudoir portrait session is as a wedding gift to their partner.

Below are some ideas about how to plan for and what to expect if you decide you’re feeling brave and ready to book your bridal boudoir session. Start planning your ideal bridal boudoir portrait session now!


Committing to and following through on a boudoir shoot before your wedding will give you confidence in front of the camera, let you try out makeup and hair styles and give you the confidence that you’ll look amazing on the wedding day. And if you are keeping it under wraps until the wedding day, you will carry the shoot after-glow as a cheeky secret until you gift your boudoir photography to your partner.

The very first boudoir clients I had were brides. There they were, partially dressed, in beautiful lingerie. There was already anticipatory excitement in the air, so palpable it was easy to capture. It made sense to commemorate these intimate moments, the energy electric, the love high.

As a boudoir photographer, I photographed many boudoir portrait sessions in Boston and collaborated with my clients to create beautiful boudoir portraits.

Curious about booking a shoot? Email me now for more ideas about your bridal boudoir photography session in Boston.

What to Wear For Your Bridal Boudoir Photography Session 

When we think of a bride, we typically think of white. While not all brides wear light colors, many brides wear either white, ivory or blush. So when you are planning what to wear for your bridal boudoir session, it makes sense to keep some of the tonal range of your bridal boudoir photography session in those  bridal tones. And black lingerie is a classic. You may want to bring in some of your favorite colors. Once, I had a client bring in her own red sheets for an image that she sent to her long distance partner. Talk about alluring!

Bring your wedding accessories: your veil, headpieces, jewelry you’re planning to wear with your wedding gown, the sexy nightgown or negligee you received at your bachelorette party.

Bring something specific to your relationship. This may be an article of your partners clothing, a piece of jewelry or a scarf that you were given by your partner – anything that is a symbol (private or not) of your relationship. I’ve had clients bring in objects that make sense to me and some that don’t so much – but this thoughtful inclusion of your private narrative is very much appreciated by the recipient.

Consider buying something new that speaks to this brave moment in your life as you step into this new chapter. 

Remember to wear what you look amazing in. Choose things that play up your assets. If you love your legs, let’s show them off. If you’ve been working on your back and arms, we?ll choose a look and a pose that celebrates the work you have put in.

Bridal Boudoir can be modest. If you only feel comfortable showing little to no skin – we can still make beautiful, sensual images.

Remember this if nothing else: The best thing you can wear is confidence.

Ideas on How to Present Bridal Boudoir Photographs

After you decide you are ready to commit to your boudoir shoot the big question is: what do you do with the photos Get a beautiful sparkling frame and set it at your bedside table as a reminder every night and morning of how brave and beautiful you are. Present them proudly in your living room for the majority of my clients, this isn?t going to happen – but you never know! I can absolutely imagine a gorgeous naked back with a cascade of hair being a beautiful, and anonymous, addition to a bedroom wall.

Many of my bridal boudoir clients choose their favorite dozen or so images for a gift album. A ‘little black book’ is a fantastic wedding gift: fun, playful and sexy. You can add your own inscription in the album, making the album personalized and meaningful.

So ask yourself – how do you want to enjoy these images?

Do you imagine treasuring matted and framed prints? Would you put a picture up in your bedroom? On a bedside table? Can you imagine gifting an album of images? Perhaps with a personalized inscription?

Knowing how you want to enjoy the images will help guide your bridal boudoir session.

When to Book Your Bridal Shoot

Schedule your bridal boudoir shoot at least eight weeks before the wedding. 

As your wedding and honeymoon planning gets into full swing, and all the moving pieces for this next chapter of your life move into place, the excitement has been built.

Often, in anticipation of the wedding day and the honeymoon, my clients are eating well, working out, and looking forward to being in great shape at their wedding. They’ve also been collecting pieces of lingerie. This translates into feeling, and looking, pretty damn fantastic.

You’ve likely been thinking more than usual about your appearance. Maybe putting in some extra time at the gym. Drinking more water. Making sure you are taking care of your skin. You already look amazing. Strike while you’re hot!

A same-day session might be available. Meaning that you’d do your shoot the day of your wedding.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about bridal boudoir photography at Modern Muse.

Connect with me to get more fun and alluring bridal boudoir photography ideas and to book a bridal boudoir session.

Modern Muse is a boutique photography studio run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto. We see each session as chance to hold space for you to be yourself and see yourself. It’s a collaboration and we value connecting with our clients to capture their true selves.


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