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Camera Phobic? | Getting Ready to be Photographed

>Getting Ready to be Photographed

?The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.?

? Robert Holden


It starts with love. Self-love, specifically. This weekend in a meeting with a wedding client, the bride confessed that she was already nervous about getting portraits made. ?She knew they should have them – and her parents would want them – but she was already feeling the nerves. And she?ll be wearing a dress! This exchange reminded me that the idea of boudoir or intimate portraits can be scary. Boudoir is about remembering and reveling in your own magic. ?So how do we make that possible?


We begin by honoring who you are as an individual. ?And make that forefront. ?It?s less about wardrobe and props and sets. Less is more. It?s more about presence and attitude and honesty. ?I want you to shine. ?The real you.

My role as a photographer, and you as my muse, means that I recognize and capture the beauty and the spirit you bring. ?Much of what we do is to create a safe space for you to share yourself and be vulnerable. ??The process for each of you will be different. ?You don?t have to share any of the images. ?I hope you will want to, and I believe that you will want to. These are, ultimately, a gift to yourself. ?For you to remember and revel in your self. In your own magic.


< We all live in our bodies - but we are not our bodies. ?And none of our bodies are perfect. ?Remember that your body is working in countless ways every minute of the day. As gratitude for your self (mind, body, psyche) grows, you can fully embrace the whole person you embody. ?Your self should be acknowledged and respected and cared for. Start here. ?Show yourself some love.

We are Boston’s boudoir photography studio run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto. ?I treat each shoot as a collaboration, and value truly connecting with each muse to help you remember and revel in your own magic.

Call me at 617-942-1449 to book your boudoir photoshoot.

A women posing in bed wearing black lingerie and striped long sleeves.

Boudoir Mood & Style Quiz

It’s not the wardrobe. It’s the mood.

Options for your portrait session can seem overwhelming.

You might not be a lingerie person. And that’s totally ok! We want to help you find the vibe that feels right for you.

Whatever your style is, whatever your comfort level, this quiz helps you find the right look just for you to express yourself. So let’s get this party started!

Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation