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9 Reasons Why | Modern Muse Boston Boudoir

Welcome to a world where fine meets art, where confidence is celebrated, and where you can step into your worship me mode and your self-expression takes center stage. You’re welcome. 😘 Going to drop below 9 compelling reasons below why indulging in a Modern Muse signature session is an experience you won’t want to miss. […]

Finding The Place Between Effort And Ease

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In this world of portrait photography, few other specialities are as intimate, empowering, and captivating as boudoir photography. I truly believe that it is an art form. One that celebrates the human body, highlighting the beauty, sensuality, and vulnerability of individuals (the things that make us human) in a safe environment. Let’s dive into this […]

This Boudoir Wardrobe Piece Looks Good On Everyone

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The most asked question from potential boudoir clients? What do I wear? Many of our Muses aren’t lingerie people, they don’t have a drawer full of things and they are overwhelmed trying to figure out what looks good. What if I told you there is one boudoir look that fits everyone and is super beautiful, […]

Couples Boudoir Photographers in Boston

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Want to celebrate your connection with each other? Couples Boudoir is more than just a photo session. It helps partners feel and see the emotive moments that are the foundation of their connection. Your relationship with each other is honored, and our process is built to make you feel safe and seen. The palpable chemistry. […]

5 Things To Know about Boudoir Posing

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5 Things To Know about Boudoir Posing It’s no secret that posing is one of the ingredients in a beautiful portrait. (I didn’t forget about you my other favorites light & lens, pinky promise!)  But it can be tricky to know exactly how to pose your body. In this post, we’ll give you some tips […]

How to Make a Boudoir Book at Home

For those who consider themselves crafty, we have some great ideas on how to make a boudoir book at home. I know and would prefer to take things into your own hands and DIY a boudoir book at home. I don?t recommend a DIY here unless you really love doing things yourself. Of course, we […]

Ideas on How to Display Boudoir Photos

?One of the big questions people ask after their reveal sessions where they see their images for the first time is What do people do with these? Do they get an album or prints? Where do they keep them? Who gets to see them? Most people get albums – but more and more I find […]

A Guide How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

For your own reasons and in your own time, you feel ready to do a boudoir shoot. Intimate portraits here we come! But what are some tips on how to prepare for a boudoir shoot? What to should I pack? How do I get things ready? 5 WAYS TO GET YOUR BODY READY FOR A […]

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Ready to strip down?

BIRTHDAY Suit Flash sale is coming

When all you needs are hands, sheets and shadows.