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Confidence on Camera | Making Eye Contact in Boudoir Photography

Making Eye Contact – What It Means and Why It’s Hard To Do Well

natural light fine art boudoir photography boston

Deer in the headlights.  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  The first few minutes of any portrait session – that’s what For many of us, making eye contact can be difficult – especially when we’re in front of a camera. But what is it about making eye contact that makes us so anxious? And what does it mean for our confidence? Read on to learn more.

One thing I’ve learned about boudoir photography is that it’s not just about how a person looks, but how they look back at you. The emotional tone with which we communicate has an incredible effect on the intimacy of a boudoir portrait and this means lighting, posing, body language and eye contact. 

It seems like a small thing, but authentic eye contact can mean the difference between a good boudoir portrait and one that feels powerful and confident. What is it about eye contact that makes such a big impact? And how can you make sure you are doing it right?

natural light fine art boudoir photography boston

The squinch. The smize. The bedroom eyes. Whatever we call it, making eye contact is one of the simplest things you can do to show confidence. But no one said it was easy. 

Facial muscles control expressions. Facial expressions convey emotions. These tell us volumes about who we are as human beings. They express many emotions including confidence and a sense of our own worthiness in being seen. 

Our partners see this level of connection during intimate moments together, and this is the goal of our fine art boudoir portraits. To show YOU how amazing you look in your own confident desire. How else can I say this? You don’t have to start a session with eye contact. But eventually all the things will click in and you’ll get out of your own head and into the emotive body language and you’ll trust yourself to make eye contact, put your heart out there by letting go and being present. 

There is confidence and confident desire (yummy!!) that comes from meeting someone’s eye – this is the smolder.  This is the bedroom eye. This is the worship-me-if-you-must look. 

It turns out, making eye contact with the camera is a lot more important than we thought. Not only does it make us feel seen and acknowledged, but it also has a huge impact on our confidence. 

When it comes to exuding confidence in portraits, eye contact is key. It’s not just about how you look at the camera, but how you allow yourself to be seen. And that takes courage – the courage to find your confidence and own it. 

Are you feeling confident yet?

natural light fine art boudoir photography boston

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