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Featured Boudoir Session | Ariana at 40

A few weeks ago I posted a few of my favorites from Ariana’s boudoir session.  Today I am posted those and more – along with her story.  Thank you to this beautiful woman who bravely shared her self! 

It seemed like perfect timing. Ariana had always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot like this, but had felt too insecure. She felt that she was am not thin enough, fit enough, tall enough, or whatever enough.

Yet, at 40, this is the most confident she has ever felt in her skin.  At 40, she has found more awareness about who she is as a woman and as a human.  Embracing that she is a very sensual person, she used her boudoir session to access and celebrate that part of her.  

Getting to this place of confidence requires being true to yourself.  It requires loving yourself in this moment, even if you don’t feel your best.  it requires being open to opportunities and asking for help along the way.  It requires giving back. 

She approached getting ready for her boudoir shot with a mix of excitement and nerves.  Her mom was her biggest supporter.  She saw just how stunning, unique, fabulous, smart she was.  She recently lost her mother quite suddenly.   Since her mom isn’t here today, part of this shoot was to honor her, and show her that she is living – and happy to be healthy, strong and embracing 40.   

Note to self, if I am not feeling my best, remember I am me, and I am fabulous.

Ariana admitted that she does occasionally struggle with this version of herself depending on where she is in her life.  But she knows that she feels the most amazing and in connected with herself when she practices self-care, and self-love.  What does that look like for Ariana? Practicing yoga, working out at the gym,  walking down the street listening to my favorite song, wearing my favorite red lipstick and smiling.

?When I am surrounded by my very best friends, we laugh, and maybe we cry – but it?s deep and soulful and I feel alive.

Her daily commitment to herself:  seek out ways to make it an amazing day, reach out to those she trust and share her fears., learning from other as they overcome similar challenges.  She believes each of us has a purpose and there is room for all of us.

She has learned to love her curves.  And is more accepting of her body all the time.  She loves exercising and I love that her body is strong and healthy.  This strong body is beautiful.  This healthy body is sexy.  

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