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Hands, Sheets, Shadows | Implied Nude Boudoir Session

Hands, Sheets & Shadows

One of the things I love about portrait photography is that while there are rules there are also no hard rules. ?Especially when it comes to what to put on your body for a boudoir photo shoot. ?You don?t have to wear clothes, just like you don?t have to be nude. ?With implied nude boudoir photography, it?s more about the shape and form of the body than about wardrobe or sets. ?I?ll photograph you in what you bring in. ?I also have things here that you might be interested in wearing, or draping. ?We can drape and wrap fabrics to give the illusion of a dress or a shirt or a skirt. ?Ultimately, I want you to feel comfortable and beautiful – so you can relax into the experience and look amazing.

When I originally saw the phrase hands, sheets, shadows?- I knew that it was the ideal descriptor for implied nudes. ??At this shoot, we played with the idea of some items of clothing against bare skin.

Implied Nude Boudoir Photography

Sharing a few today from a recent session. ?This series of implied nudes look amazing (sensual and not too revealing at the same time) – and all we are working with is a piece of ivory crepe de chine.

You don’t have to bare it all to look sexy. ?I find the implication of being almost naked, the flirtation of a thin layer of fabric covering you, the allure of a shadow obscuring and revealing parts of the body is more intimate and mysterious and sexy than total nudity. ?With implied nudes, there?s more use of dramatic lightings, creating beautiful shadows.

Modern Muse boudoir sessions are customized for you. ?Before you even come to the studio, we?ll discuss what your vision is and what you are comfortable with. ?With careful lighting, posing and lens choices we can highlight and accentuate in-camera and lighting – you look your best with no worry about what to wear.

Implied Nudes do require that while we shoot, you are partly nude but you will be covered strategically to highlight and reveal the form of the body. That means you?re not wearing much, but you?re also not showing off anything either.

Tasteful and beautiful. Graceful, gentle, alluring. ?So beautiful that you?ll want to show these off!

As a Boston boudoir photographer, I have photographed many beautiful women.? Each boudoir portrait session is unique. ?It’s a collaboration with you, my muse, to create beautiful, ?and tasteful boudoir portraits.

Interested in booking an implied nude boudoir shoot in Boston??Email me?now for more ideas about your session.

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Boudoir Mood & Style Quiz

It’s not the wardrobe. It’s the mood.

Options for your portrait session can seem overwhelming.

You might not be a lingerie person. And that’s totally ok! We want to help you find the vibe that feels right for you.

Whatever your style is, whatever your comfort level, this quiz helps you find the right look just for you to express yourself. So let’s get this party started!

Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation