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Headshots vs. Personal Branding Business Portraits

Professional Business Portraits are Smart Marketing Tools

You work hard at defining your brand. You invest in marketing. Complete that investment with a compelling editorial portraits that engage and built trust with your audience.

We work together to create portraits for your business that integrate your brand narrative and portray you authentically in a natural environment.


First impressions are critical.  Whether you are launching a new business or updating your LinkedIn profile what people see when they search for you matters. 

Advent of social media and the little square representation of you in pixels that punctuates your facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, etc feeds.  It is a tiny piece of real estate to work with.  In the 21st century many people?s first impression of you are online. You should make the most of it.

I often hear people lament that they hate their business portrait.  Or sheepishly admit they have been using the same one for a decade.

 How often should you update the online representation of you?  Every two years, or if you have changed considerably since the last portrait.  People will want to recognize you when you meet in person so they know who they are working with.  

Your online avatar is a portrait is that is representing you out there in the world.  The care you take when you go out to a networking event, when you give a presentation, when you interview for a new job – this is the care and consideration you should take when you get a head shot done.  It’s a marketing tool for you.  


Portrait photography has changed tremendously.  One of the things that I often see is a grey, blue or white background with a dark suit. Oh and there?s a face there too.  These kind of portrait seem completely interchangeable.  There?s uniformity to them that is safe and likely works for some markets.  

If you are looking to stand out from the pack, consider a personal branding portrait (or a series of portraits) that show you are polished, professional, engaging, trustworthy and memorable.

Personal branding is a full styling portrait session.  It?s no longer standing in front of a background and grimacing at the camera like you did in grade school.  Save the boring headshot portrait for your passport.  




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Show your clients where you works. Branded business portraits taken in a location, not an anonymous blank background, provide a series of images that speaks to your professionalism and customer service.  Portraits that tell the story of you and your business, in an own environment that reflects your industry, builds expectations and creates a comfortable and confident atmosphere.


It all begins with discovery.  Who are you?  What field are you working in?  Who are your clients?  What?s great about what you do?  Who are your competitors? We start with these questions and more to begin planning a personal branding portrait session that reflect you.  Authenticity is important.  Your portrait should look like you. 

When was the last time you were professionally photographed? Are you happy with the image that’s out there repping you and your business?  

Have any more questions?  As always, I am happy to answer them!



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Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation

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