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How To Choose a Boudoir Photographer

boudoir photography boston black and white

So you want the boudoir experience? ?Where do you start?


boudoir photography boston black and white leather

boudoir photography boston black and white

boudoir photography boston black and white

It?s important to know what boudoir photography style you want before you start researching photographers. ?Start by figuring out what style of boudoir portrait session you want. ?Use our archetype pinterest boards as a starting point.

Over the past few years, I’ve created a series of Modern Muse archetypes: Athlete, Bohemian, Pre-Raphaelite, Punk Rock Rhapsodist, Burlesque, Glamazon, Neo-Future Covergirl, Pin-Up , Babe Without Trying and Madame X. There is some crossover, but they aren?t the same and the definitions can (as with most things) be subjective and vary by photographer. After your initial legwork (or pin-work), you’ll find you are drawn to some styles and not others.

Different genres of boudoir photography mean differences in styling, location, posing and wardrobe. You may like the idea of classic lingerie in a neutral and non-specific environment (like the studio) or you might want a highly stylized fantasy shoot, or maybe you want the vintage atmosphere in a specific boutique hotel. 

Close your eyes – where do you see yourself being photographed? Where would you be the most comfortable? ?Which of these genres feels the most you? Which one calls out as the most you?


boudoir photography boston black and white

You can learn a lot from boudoir photography websites. Look through portfolios. Read what the photographers write about their business and the client they work with. Check out reviews from their past clients. If you like their style and want to have a consultation – reach out.


  • Does the portfolio show confidence and consistency in posing and lighting?
  • Where to sessions happen?
  • Does their style match the style/genre you want?
  • Do you like the level of retouching?


At Modern Muse, all our sessions start with a conversation. ?I love when a new client can share their vision and has an idea of how they want to enjoy their portraits. ?After your research and initial conversation, ask yourself: Does the photographer make you feel comfortable? Confident? ?Are you getting more excited about doing a session?

HINT: The answers to these questions should be YES!


boudoir photography boston black and white

Consider how do you want to enjoy your portraits. Do you imagine a portfolio of matted prints? Would you put a framed portrait or two up in your bedroom or your dressing room? Would you place a gift print on your bedside table as a reminder when you wake up of how amazing you are and what you are capable of? Do you imagine gifting your boudoir photography to someone with an album of images? Maybe including a personalized inscription?

Many of my clients choose their favorite images to go into a fine art Museum Box or into an album. Other clients want to see their images more often, maybe even every day. Most Modern Muses will purchase matted prints to frame and incorporate into their homes (or their personal retreats). Some boudoir session clients love selecting a beautiful and sensual image from their portrait session that doesn’t show their face for over their bed.


Treating yourself to a glamour or boudoir portrait session is definitely a splurge. Walk into your boudoir research acknowledging that this is a luxury. This is not a time to bargain shop. Know what you are paying for and what is included in the price of a session. Consider the quality, professionalism and service when you look at the costs.

Love the work of a photographer but the price is too much for you right now? Keep putting a little money aside, to save up for when you can afford to treat yourself to this luxury.

In addition to the boudoir photography session fee and the products you want to buy, do you need to budget for hair and makeup? Will you want to get a manicure and a pedicure? Will you need to find the wardrobe you have your heart set on? You don’t absolutely need any of those things, but you should still consider them.


Early! Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and have enough time for any products to come in if you are gifting them.

I like the analogy of waiting in line for a roller coaster. You know it will be fun. The wait you can leave you both excited and anxious. This is part of the thrill! Then, all of a sudden, you?re at the front of the line and you can’t wait to step in and buckle up.


boudoir photography boston black and white thigh highs

This should be fun! And I hope this post will help you as you do the research to find the right glamour/boudoir photographer for you.

  1. Figure out what style of boudoir/glamour photography you want.
  2. Research your area boudoir photographers.
  3. Figure out what your budget is and how you want to enjoy the images.
  4. Book your boudoir session.

Here are the three key questions you should ask yourself when you are choosing your photographer.

  • Do you love their portfolio
  • Do you like the photographer (not just their work, but their personality)
  • Are you ready to embrace yourself

If you read this far, (yay!) I feel I should point out that I don’t shoot only in black and white, but wanted to unify post with some of my favorite black and white images.

Modern Muse is a boutique boudoir studio near Boston run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto. I help all people to channel their inner spirit, see their outer beauty and revel in their own magic.


Call me at 617-942-1449 to chat about your ideas for your Modern Muse boudoir session.

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