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Ideas on How to Display Boudoir Photos

One of the big questions people ask after their reveal sessions where they see their images for the first time is What do people do with boudoir photos? How do people display them? Do they get an album or prints? Where do they keep them? Who gets to see them?

Most people get albums – but more and more I find that our Muses are open to sharing a little more of themselves publicly. How to display boudoir photos will be different for each person – as it should be.

Let’s go back to the big picture (see what I did there, pun fans!). Why do we get our portraits made?

It means something. Something big. It means you value yourself. It means you love yourself. It means you are comfortable seeing yourself and recognizing your own strength and spirit.

Not sure you’re ready for a massive wall portrait? Here are five ideas on how to display boudoir photos of printed images from your boudoir session. You’re doing the work to love and accept and embrace yourself. Why hide it?

So how should you display boudoir photos? I love seeing beautiful portraits in print and displayed and I can?t understand when I hear people saying they just want the digitals.


How to Display Boudoir Photos

  1. Albums
  2. Folio Box
  3. Wall Art

With still images, your two main choices are wither bound in an album or unbound in a series of prints, wall art or in a folio. Choose a sequence – each one framed individually. Think about it as stills from a film – each one slightly different and revealing a little more personality. Bright and bold Sampling. One from each look. Variety. Different facets of you. Make it monochrome! One beautiful way to visually unify all your images is to have a sequence all in black and white.



Albums are the most popular way to display boudoir photos. We have three sizes: small, medium and large – it depends on how many images you want to enjoy! Our most popular is the medium size.

You can customize the cover with your choice of fabric, leather and also text. You can sit and enjoy and remember how you felt during the session and when you saw the image for the first time.


Folio Box

Individually matted prints that stack into a custom fabric covered box. These are beautiful fine art pieces.

Wall Art

Mix it up with textures, paintings, drawings, and also your portraits. Your images might be intertwined with other things you love. Only the most curious will lean in and see you among the things you love.


Framing Options:

I had a few framing experts weigh in on the best framing options. I gave them a few photographs and had them pick a frame and explain the reasoning behind them:



Framing Tips from Mona Kumar, Owner of J. Todd Galleries



Photography #1

What Mona Says: “Just to be different, try a beveled light grey mat with a warm silver frame.”


Photography #2

What Mona Says: “Since the photo is dark I would have a beveled edge mat at least 3.5 inches with a soft gold contemporary frame width about 1.75 inches.”


Photograph #3

What Mona Says: “best to do a double matting .25 inches black inner mat with white 2-2.5 inches outer mat frame with brushed warm silver about 2.5″ width.”


Photography #4

What Mona Says: “With this photograph, the best thing to do is to keep it simple: a black 2-inch inner mat and a soft gold contemporary frame about 1.5 inches.”


Framing Tips from Meg, A Street Frames

Frame & Image Combination 1

Meg’s Take: For this photo, I chose our Welded Steel 621 profile in Ground Gloss. The metal profiles work really well with black and white photos, and the sleek and glossy finish is the perfect complement to the water and glass in the photo.


Frame & Image Combination 2

Meg’s Take: This profile is our ML 338 in Walnut with a walnut stain and yellow gold leaf accent. A natural wood frame works well with the soft tones in the image and the gold leaf offers a subtle pop of color.


Frame & Image Combination 3

Meg’s Take: This is our ML 319 profile in Tiger Maple Charcoal with a white gold leaf. I love the Art Deco design of this frame and it complements the geometric pattern on the mirror in this photo. It’s in keeping with the black and white palette, but the charcoal finish and the sheen of the white gold offer a little warmth.


Where to Hang Boudoir Photos

Part of how to display boudoir photos is where to display them! If you?re looking to hang boudoir photos on your walls at home, here are a few areas to consider hanging them.


Imagine a beautiful and sensual and anonymous moody image for the master bath. In black and white or maybe in a color palette that will coordinate with the colors of your master bathroom. This will look amazing over the tub or across from the mirror – so you can catch a glimpse of yourself and be reminded how amazing you are.



Bedside folios or wall prints. In a master bath or master bedroom, you control who has access to that space (and you can choose where the artwork hangs so in case someone pops in they aren?t going to notice it. Of course, you can choose an image that isn?t recognizable to you if you?d like. Many of our clients choose an image from their session that is anonymous. And if you are brave and fearless you can put your wall art anywhere you damn like.

Your Closet or Dressing Room

So you may not have a room but you can find a place in your wardrobe or closet or corner to place a few framed tabletop prints alongside a few precious objects and maybe a plant or flower vase. These may be for you to enjoy, and possibly your partner too.

You have done so much work to get to a place to do a boudoir session and we have worked together to create gorgeous images of you – shouldn’t you see them more often than when you open a folder on your computer?

Here’s the thing. I’m a professional portrait photographer and I take care of every single image that I create. I often spend hours making sure each and every one of your photos is exactly the way it should be – and that’s why I recommend doing prints and albums through your photographer.

The bummer is, not every company that offers prints have top-notch professional printers. Shutterfly or your local lab will not likely produce the best quality images. You’ve already put a lot of time and energy into the whole experience and you have gorgeous images – we want to make sure the physical end product looks as good as you do.

Looking for some more boudoir photography ideas? Our Boston boudoir photography studio can help. Read the Modern Muse blog for inspiration and ideas for your next photo shoot.

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