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A Guide How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

For your own reasons and in your own time, you feel ready to do a boudoir shoot. Intimate portraits here we come! But what are some tips on how to prepare for a boudoir shoot? What to should I pack? How do I get things ready?

5 Ways to Get Your Body Ready for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

The best boudoir is a celebration of you. You can be bold, modest, sensual, funny, empowered, limitless, joyful, but always you. You don’t need to diet or work out before a session. But what you do need to do is fully inhabit your body with love.

Modern Muse is an experience for you to truly indulge in. Here are some recommendations on how to prepare for a boudoir shoot.

Play up indulgences like soft and sensual skin, polished hands and feet, a beautiful smile and beautiful hair. Keep the idea of texture in mind as you prepare for your boudoir session.? The velvet feel of smooth and moisturized skin! Shine and volume in your hair. The slickness of your lips! The soft sheen to your nails!

Start by caring for and amplifying what you’ve already got. Bonus? It doesn’t take much more than a few simple and inexpensive products to get there.

Tips on How to Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot

Getting Your Skin Boudoir Shoot Ready

Exfoliate. Moisturize. Again.

Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your body in the weeks leading up to your shoot. Not only will you have beautifully soft and supple skin, but you will be radiating with all that self-love you’ve lavished on yourself. Taking that time to connect and enjoy your body will help.

Create a sugar scrub for yourself – 2 parts brown sugar and one part coconut oil rubbed all over will make every inch of your body sensual and soft.? After you wash it off, cover your body in coconut oil and luxuriate. Your skin will glow. For days.

Moisturize all day. Moisturize your lips, your face, your neck, your d?collet?, your knees, your heels, your booty.

Use this daily moisturizing check-in and self-love as a meditative act to remember what you love about your body.

Oh, and remember to use sunscreen if you are spending time outdoors in the weeks before your session. And really at any time.?

Maximize the Volume and Shine of Your Hair

Another tip for preparing for a boudoir photoshoot is to maximize the volume and shine of your hair. 

We know that hair is sexy at any length! Whether you keep it long or short, shower some love on your hair before your boudoir session. Having healthy hair goes a long way to creating a beautiful frame for your beautiful face.

Start by treating yourself to trim and, if needed, refresh your color a week prior to your shoot.

Wash and deep condition the day before to give you a healthy light-catching sheen. Our stylist will start with your clean and dry hair.

This is not a time to go for a dramatically new color or cut. If you want to play with different looks and styles, bring a hairpiece or a wig along.

Touchable Hands and Feet 

We use our hands and our fingers to draw attention to our hair, our faces, our necks wherever we want people to look. They point to what’s important – which means they will get plenty of exposure in a boudoir portrait.

A professional manicure and pedicure is always a relaxing treat. No time for a pro manicure? Do it yourself! Exfoliate and moisturize your hands (that brown sugar and coconut oil scrub work here too!), feet and nail beds. Trim and file your nails. A simple clear coat of polish and you?ll look fresh and be totally touchable from your fingertips right down to your toes.

If you want nail color, choose a color that works with your wardrobe options and will work with multiple looks or go neutral.

Get those hands and fingertips ready with some love.

Flashing a Smile

We believe that smiles are beautiful and laughter is sexy.

Aside from confidence, it?s one of the best things you can wear at a boudoir session.

Think we were done with that brown sugar and coconut oil scrub?? No way! You can use it to gently exfoliate and moisturize your lips too!

Waxing. Threading. Plucking.

Everyone has their own preference for hair removal – and whatever your comfort level is that is ok with us.

Be careful with your skin. If you wax, schedule it for four days prior to your boudoir session to let your skin calm down and minimize redness. Please don’t try a new method before your photoshoot. Give yourself a practice run in advance and be sure to moisturize and coddle your skin afterward!

Not into hair removal? Then remember to treat the hair on your body like the hair on your head. Condition and trim everything.


You aren’t obligated to bring an outfit in a certain style just because this is boudoir. Lingerie is not your thing? There are so many other options! We will talk about all this in your initial phone consult – what you want to show off and highlight, and what you might want to minimize and what wardrobe pieces will work best for you.

We also challenge you to try something that might be unfamiliar. The greatest transformations happen when we step outside our comfort zones. So, don’t hesitate to pack a bag to bring to your shoot! If a piece sings to your soul, pack it. If a different piece is beautiful and also maybe gives you butterflies–pack that, too.

We will play and experiment with different looks until we find the perfect combination of outfits that speak to you as an individual and that makes you feel beautiful!?

Our bodies and our own personal styles are always changing. Pieces that we weren’t sure we could pull off a few years ago could look amazing now, and things that once looked amazing might not quite work anymore. So, try everything on before you pack it!

And the single most important thing on how to prepare for a boudoir shoot? Confidence.

Want more inspiration on how to prepare for a boudoir shoot? Checking out our blog/Pinterest pages, and you can see just how other people like you have embraced their sensual selves and uniqueness and owned every inch of themselves.

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