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Retouching Boudoir Photos & Our Philosophy: Less Is More!

Retouching Boudoir Photos

see the progression above: We start with importing the raw file and adjusting the color profile and color balance and lens correction, then light skin retouching, then I removed the black bra strap and finished with an artist layer with a touch of toning. 

There’s power in what we do, as photographers. There’s a responsibility that comes with photographing portraits. Being in front of a camera puts all of us in a vulnerable position. A position that most of us aren’t used to. And so, we begin our Modern Glamour sessions with a conversation about how you want to be imaged. Retouching boudoir photos can be helpful in the final product, but only when you absolutely need to.

I aim to get it 95% the way I want it in the camera, through making the right lens, lighting, posing and composition choices; all images that my clients see at their ordering session are very lightly retouched. Things that I will use gently photoshop on: scrapes, bruises, stray hairs, and blemishes. We’ll remove the things that aren’t usually on your body.

My Philosophy on Retouching Boudoir Photos: Why Less is More

I don’t rely on retouching for your Modern Glamour portraits. In my toolkit are knowledge of flattering lighting, beautiful and natural poses, professional hair and makeup styling and a comfortable environment. This means I am doing as little as possible in post-production. Photoshop is used sparingly – to make sure that you shine and sparkle. Or smolder. Retouching shouldn’t be noticeable. What should be visible and vibrant in your portraits is you.

Yes, I’ll take off the scrape on your knee, or any blemishes that show up the week of your session. Modern Glamour isn’t about aiming for perfection. It’s about celebrating you, your uniqueness and showing you off at your best. Crooked smile? Adorable. Asymmetrical face? We all have them! Stretch marks? You earned those tiger stripes. Talk with me before the session if there is anything you want it reduced or included. Yay birthmarks!

With photoshopping, or retouching, less is definitely more.

Being Body Positive

It is important that we frame this experience in a positive way.

Many of us have anxieties and worry over how we look. And how we will look in photographs.During our pre-session consult, I’ll ask what your favorite parts of your body are. This is what we’ll frame and focus on during your session. These parts of your body that you love – this is is what you should look for in your portraits.

In the days leading up to your portrait session – make it a priority to show yourself some love. Schedule some downtime to yourself as a little daily ritual. It doesn’t need to be five or ten minutes – but make it all about you. Sometimes I take a walk and savor the sunshine on my face. Sometimes it’s an MJ dance party. Sometimes I treat myself to a coffee and a pastry at Flour.

Begin to get comfortable looking at yourself. Getting a few more laugh lines around your eyes? It’s okay. Notice and appreciate the body you’re in. Embrace the mirror. Admire and appreciate the parts of your body you love. Curves are wonderful. Imperfection is sexy.

If you keep a journal, use it. Harness the power of writing and get those anxieties on paper rather than keeping them in your head. What’s inspiring you to commemorate this moment in your life? How are you feeling about being in front of the camera? Let any fussy, insecure part so you lie on the page and not in your head.

What makes an image finished?

Images straight out of the camera need to be loved a little before I share them with you. Lens corrections, vignetting, color profiles, contrast and exposure adjustments are added. My post-production work ( that’s what happens to the images after they are out of the camera) is based on my years’ printing in those chemical days of yore darkrooms. Contrast, exposure, burning, and dodging are the bulk of what I do when finishing an image. Sometimes I’ll even add toning or a light texture to enhance the mood of a portrait.

Yes! That’s the goal. I want you to look like you – you at your very best.

Modern Muse is a celebration of you. You can be bold, modest, sensual, funny, empowered, limitless, joyful, and always you. You don’t need to diet or work out. You need to fully inhabit your body with love.

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