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Maternity | Changes for Mom and Dad

This beautiful family! I met expecting father Mike when we was a regular attendee at our epic Ad Hoc dance parties. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Since then he’s changed jobs, moved a few times, got married and is now preparing for his newest chapter – fatherhood. I’ve been following his own physical transformation over the last months – through facebook posts, of course. He’s been dedicated to taking his health and wellness more seriously – for his sake and for his new family. I’ve been very impressed with his winter runs.


The near year transformation before and after!

When I asked him if he’d be interested in getting some images of this transformation – he said yes, and then asked if his wife could come along as well. Of course! They are both experiencing major changes in their physical bodies this year – and a portrait session seems like the right way to document and celebrate those changes.

The expectant couple stopped by the studio for an afternoon portrait session. Nina looked radiant – with a beautiful belly.

Mike and his wife both look terrific, healthy and prepared for the new chapter ahead of them.

Wishing them the very best!

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