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Men’s Portraits


It’s a guy! It’s true, we don’t only photograph women around here. ?Here are a few of my favorites from a shoot last week with The Pilates Prince, Antonio Aniello.

Just like when photographing women for Modern Glamour portraits, I want the men in front of my camera to feel confident and look natural. The posing isn’t the same, but my approach as the photographer is – I wanted to create images that he felt great about.


Antonio brought in a few different wardrobe options. ?We picked a casual collared t-shirt, a much more formal suit and wrapped up with some fitness images with just his athletic shorts.

A Little Retouching

A few days before the portrait shoot, Antonio had had some cupping done. ?We both hoped that the marks would fade, but they didn’t quite. ?So the shirtless images had some photoshop done to them. ?in keeping with my photoshop philosophy, I only removed the things that aren’t usually there. In this case, the cupping marks.











mens portrait male boudoir

mens portrait male boudoir

mens portrait male boudoir suit

mens portrait male

mens portrait male boudoir photography shirtless

mens portrait male boudoir


mens portrait male boudoir

mens portrait photo

mens portrait male boudoir


I’m looking forward to inviting more men in front of my lens.

Ready to have your men’s portrait in Boston made? Send me an email or learn more about our Boston boudoir photography studio and location portrait sessions are for men of all ages and walks of life. The goal is to reflect the best in yourself: strong, confident and handsome.

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