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#nomakeup Boudoir

No Make Up Boudoir

I’ve had a recent flurry of inquiries for no make up boudoir sessions. Cool!  Let’s do it.  It’s been a year since the Alicia Keys letter and subsequent #nomakeup movement.  And it’s apprently still going strong.  

Of course, if you prefer to be armed with a little styling, or a lot, we’ll do that too.  I don’t wear make up every day. Sometimes I want to.  Most of the time I don’t have time to remember to do it. 

Invisible Magic

I loved the phrase invisible magic from Key’s letter.  It’s not about perfection.  Or creating an idealized version of you.  This is about embracing and celebrating who you are. Feel strong, empowered, free and honestly beautiful – however you choose to present yourself.  It is my hope to create the environment for you to do all of that. 

Here are a few favorites from a recent shoot with Ariel.  She brought her boxing gloves.  And this is where we began.  With shadow boxing. With working up a sweat, her curls flying.  This was the way she wanted to focus and to get into her body for the shoot.  I adore this woman!  

Proof that boudoir doesn’t need to be about lace and eyelashes.  It’s about bring present in your body.  In the words of our muse today:

What I love most about my body is its strength and power.

There will be more from this no make up boudoir session, as well as others! 

I’m curious.  How many of you would prefer to be photographed without make up?  


A women posing in bed wearing black lingerie and striped long sleeves.

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