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Outdoor Boudoir Photography Ideas

Outdoor Boudoir

From a response on a Facebook post, this is what happened one very hot July day. My friend Deedee mentioned that she has a pretty cool backyard. And that I was welcome to shoot in it. Yeah.? It was a pretty cool backyard.? From her back porch you get to the deck (complete with bar and hot tub!) that overlooks the water and several levels down there’s a dock and access to the water.? This is just where she hangs out after work.? And when I saw it I realized how much of a nature fix one gets this close to the water.

Talia reached out to me from a post on Facebook. She loved our mission of body positivity. Having struggled with body imagine herself she felt ready to get in front of a camera and embrace herself as she is. My pal Carla (who I also met through Facebook -so thank you MZ!) joined us as to make up stylist, keeping it fairly natural and really bringing out the color in Talia’s eyes.

Body image is a life long work in progress for most of us. But I’ve found it’s a journey that gets easier every year.

outdoor boudoir photography

outdoor boudoir photography

boudoir photographer intimate portrait water

outdoor boudoir photographer intimate portrait water

outdoor boudoir photographer intimate portrait water

outdoor boudoir sky and trees

outdoor boudoir photography black and white

outdoor photography trees in background

outdoor boudoir photographer intimate portrait water


boudoir photographer intimate portrait by the water

black and white boudoir photography outdoor

Pink & Black Vintage Peignoir

This vintage peignoir (barbie pink with black lace) was a piece I found last year that I had to buy for the studio.

outdoor boudoir boats

outdoor boudoir

outdoor boudoir portrait

 intimate portrait water outdoors color

outdoor boudoir


Keeping it Simple in a Black Silk Slip

There are times that I adore the maximalist aesthetic. You might say our decorating “style” is just that. Or you might say that we need to do some more editing of our home. In any case, for portraits I prefer to keep the wardrobe simple and let the person be the focus of the image.? Talia wore a simple black silk slip for the portraits under the dock and in the water.

outdoor boudoir against tree

outdoor boudoir under pier

swimming boudoir portrait

swimming boudoir

swimming boudoir photograph black and white

Glad we got to cool off at the end of the shoot with a quick dip in the water! A huge shout out to Talia for rocking her first portrait shoot and to Carla for her artistry.

Allana Taranto is a boudoir photographer based in Boston. Find more boudoir inspiration, we invite you to read the Modern Muse blog.

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Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation