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People are Beautiful: Manda

Boudoir Portraits

The more you listen. Sit and listen and really connect – the more beautiful people are. The more compassion between you as two individuals builds.? This is one of the reasons I love creating portraits.? I find people endlessly fascinating.

My ex used to complain that I watched too many talking heads movies – and he meant that there wasn’t enough action (this has nothing to do with the actual Talking Heads).? He was right.? I still absolutely love slow character-driven dramas – especially when the director lets us linger in moments without dialogue where we can just watch a character move through their world and soak in so many small things about them.

Meet Manda, Our Muse of the Week

Our Muse this week is someone with whom I have had countless conversations over the past few years – our main hair and makeup stylist – Manda of Mandamonium!? We had an unexpected opening in the schedule and she was game to play.? It’s hard to believe that I hadn’t gotten her on the other side of the camera already! It’s one of those things we talk about and don’t quite have the courage to pull the trigger on – like me and cutting all my hair off.

We met in an elevator. I took one look at her pinks sweats and pink hair and rolling bag and asked if she was a makeup artist.? Indeed she was!? She gave me her card. And pretty quickly we started working together. Working and drinking tea and talking about our dogs. Check out her tattoos – the paw prints on her foot are one of my (sharable) favorites.

Thank you, Manda, for braving the other side of the camera!

Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

Having have had the pleasure of working with Allana behind the scenes for years, I was excited to finally be able to shoot with her myself.? But that didn?t make me any less terrified when the day actually came. I wished I had someone to do my hair and makeup.? But by the time I mustered up the courage and arrived, all my fears started to melt away.

Allana is so genuine and truly finds beauty in everybody. She helped guide me on poses and made me feel so comfortable. I didn?t want the shoot to end!

I got to see some sneak peaks from the camera and I was already so excited. Then when we sat down and went through the set, I sat in amazement of what she captured.

I don?t love all of myself all of the time but I?m getting there, and Allana helped me to love myself a little more with this photo shoot.

I feel honored to have captured a few more facets of this beautiful and fascinating woman! If you like my work with Manda and are interested in boudoir, reach out to our Boston boudoir photography studio.

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