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Reflections on a Boudoir Session & Gift Album

You’re beautiful. Simple as that.  I would tell my best friend that she is beautiful and a Modern Glamour session is a way to capture the beauty that is you. It’s scary to be so vulnerable, especially with someone you just meet, however, this is a moment to be empowered, to appreciate the body you have and all it can accomplish, and to celebrate the life that is yours. Embrace the time you have. Smile when you feel like it and feel free to be bold. A Modern Glamour session is for you (and about you) and you deserve it. 

Introducing the Bridal Boudoir Essentials Collection

A good portion of our boudoir portraits at Modern Muse are bridal boudoir sessions. ?Perhaps there’s something about a the extravagance of a wedding that gives people permission to be indulgent. ?I know that at least half of these bridal boudoir clients are also doing it for themselves, not just for their parters. ?A boudoir […]

Best Way to Relax at a Boudoir Photo Shoot: Laughter

It?s fun to look back at my boudoir portrait work, and see how much I?ve changed – and how much has stayed the same.  One thing that I?ve realized is that the more boudoir sessions I do, the more I love the real laughter and happiness and levity that can emerge in a boudoir shoot.  

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Ready to strip down?

BIRTHDAY Suit Flash sale is coming

When all you needs are hands, sheets and shadows.