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Best Way to Relax at a Boudoir Photo Shoot: Laughter

It?s fun to look back at my boudoir portrait work, and see how much I?ve changed – and how much has stayed the same.  One thing that I?ve realized is that the more boudoir sessions I do, the more I love the real laughter and happiness and levity that can emerge in a boudoir shoot.  

Plus-Size Wedding Boudoir Photography

I’m thrilled when a boudoir client embraces their body.  So many of us avoid the camera because we feel we are overweight – that we don’t look like we used to.  As you can see here, you don?t need to have an idealized figure to look amazing.   It?s my job to use the right posing, lighting and lens choices to make you look amazing.  It?s your job to bring your self confidence – full force. 

“I liked Allana immediately! Her personality was comforting and I felt at ease face timing with her! I’m big on people, and Allana had a great vibe about her. Along with that, I was drawn to how modern glamour celebrates all women. It’s about embracing and loving yourself and expressing that in these pictures for yourself or loved ones.”

Black and White Bridal Boudoir


Some of my favs from a recent boston boudoir session for a bride.  For the ones I can share, I processed them all with a moody black and white, with a healthy does of grain for added atmosphere.  Of course, I did capture images of her gorgeous face, but the ones I’m sharing today show little moments from the session that were evocative and sensual and a little mysterious.  

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Boston Bridal Boudoir Photos

Bridal Boudoir Photography Sometimes clients book a Modern Muse boudoir session for themselves.? Well pretty much always – but a fantastic excuse to treat yourself is as a gift to your partner. Here are a few of my favorite images from a recent bridal boudoir session. A great mix of textures against bare skin: lace, […]

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Ready to strip down?

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When all you needs are hands, sheets and shadows.