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Maternity Portraits | A New Perspective

Boston Maternity Portraits Whether you do it once, many times over or not at all – pregnancy is a time where the wonder and magic of the body is visible.  Even though I’m a photographer, and have access to equipment and other photographers, I didn’t take many images of myself while I was pregnant.  I […]


Valentine?s Day is about expressing and sharing love.  And that requires courage and fearlessness.

In that spirit, I begin this new phase and open up to our personal lives, our inner world, our private selves.

As such, I hope that your day (and week! And year!) is heartened with reminders of the courageous and loving people you have in your lives.  

Maternity | Changes for Mom and Dad

This beautiful family!  I met expecting father Mike when we was a regular attendee at our epic Ad Hoc dance parties.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  

Since then he’s changed jobs, moved a few times, got married and is now preparing for his newest chapter – fatherhood.  I’ve been following his own physical transformation over the last months – through facebook posts, of course.  He’s been dedicated to taking his health and wellness more seriously – for his sake and for his new family.  I’ve been very impressed with his winter runs.  

Beautiful Maternity

Maternity glamour portrait photography is a beautiful way to document a fleeting (int he long run) time in life. ?With a body that is changing and different every day. ?This makes each maternity portrait session unique. Friend and confidant, Kiera, came by the studio last week. ?I asked months ago if she’d up to be […]

Boston Maternity Boudoir Photo Session

boston maternity boudoir fine art portraits

Beautiful! Radiant! Fierce! Channeling all of the mother goddess energy in this maternity/boudoir portrait session in Boston. 

I’m honored to be invited back into the lives of my former wedding clients, to document their lives as they continue to shift, build and change.  I’m looking forward to the fall, when their baby boy will arrive to a joyful family ready to receive him in their love.

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Ready to strip down?

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