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Taking A Leap All Art Involves Risk (a card from the Desire Map deck that sits on my workbench) [insert picture here] a reminder that I shouldn?t play it safe with my work, with my ideas. I started going to Opus Affair as a way to get out and meet new people (and of course […]

Sara Bielanski Album Cover | Modern Glamour Portraits

Last month, I had the pleasure of working with the vocalist Sara Bielanski to create an image for her new album cover!  

This portrait lay somewhere between a Modern Glamour session and a Personal Branding Session – as soon as we connected by phone to discuss the shoot, I knew I would love working with her and that the session (and resulting images) would be memorable.  

I?ve really enjoyed working with performers, many of whom I?ve met through Opus Affair connections.  From Lorelei Ensemble (both in ensemble and individually) to Christa Gniadek and others – working with professional musicians is quite rewarding.  

Sara is a professional musician. Her background is versatile, having studied both the classical and jazz through her Masters degree program. She also improvises a lot.  In addition to her vocation as a performer, she maintains a private vocal studio in her home.

When I asked her to describe what makes her feel good about her work she explained that it is liberating. Music allows her the chance to express herself in an honest way. She enjoys the collaborative part, the conversation and relationship with other musicians.  She thrives on making an impression and inspiring others – as a performer, teacher, and mentor.

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