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Expressing Gratitude Toward Your Body

Expressing Gratitude Toward Your Body A recent client told me in her pre-shoot boudoir questionnaire: I am a mother first! I have 2 beautiful children, both difficult pregnancies and 1 emergency c-section. Each stretch mark each scar signifies my motherhood. I’m love when our Muses approach their boudoir portrait session with gratitude for their own […]


Valentine?s Day is about expressing and sharing love.  And that requires courage and fearlessness.

In that spirit, I begin this new phase and open up to our personal lives, our inner world, our private selves.

As such, I hope that your day (and week! And year!) is heartened with reminders of the courageous and loving people you have in your lives.  

Glamour at 99 | My Grandmother

This is my grandmother at 99.  She worked in a factory, as a seamstress and alongside her husband in their show repair and tailoring business.  As the oldest, she helped raise her younger brothers and sisters after her mother died and her father went back to Sicily to find another wife.  She raised three of her own children,  her four grandchildren and her soon to be three great grandchildren.  

In honor of the woman in my life who showed me how to be glamorous, not to slouch my shoulder, to love my curls, the difference a good fit makes in one?s clothes and the power of coming together over good food.  I am thankful for the perspective reading her memoir has brought into my life this week.   Thankful that this legacy is preserved.  

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Ready to strip down?

BIRTHDAY Suit Flash sale is coming

When all you needs are hands, sheets and shadows.