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Solo-Date Ideas in Boston #iammyownvalentine

Solo-Date Ideas in Boston

Life is chaotic. Schedules and juggling and trying to fit everything and everyone in. Nothing lines up neatly, and we have to accept that. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself to some self-care and love. Whether you’re single, or partnered, you don?t need anyone else to validate self-worth.

Valentine’s Day has passed, but it’s never too late to treat yourself. You don’t need a specific day to take love yourself – you can do that any day.

As a Boston-based boudoir photographer, my hope is for clients to rediscover their beauty through self-empowerment. I’ve learned just how important that is for me. That’s why I like solo-dates – it’s another way to give yourself some appreciation and to connect with yourself.

The idea of a solo-date may not appeal to everyone; but if taking yourself on a “solo-date” freaks you out, I’d encourage you to figure out why and to give it a try! Growth, Muses. Growth.


10 Solo-Date Ideas in Boston (Treat Yo’ Self)

Here are some great ideas for the perfect self-date in Boston or at home. With things like work, school, family, and friends, you may not even realize that you need quality “you time”. Get lost in your own thoughts, connect with yourself and appreciate your inner monologue and mind.

Relax At-Home:

Here are some low-key, at-home ideas for some “you-time”. You don’t necessarily need to go anywhere to pamper yourself with some self-love. Go ahead and connect and appreciate yourself at home. You deserve it!


1. Light a Scented Candle.

And don?t do anything else for a few minutes. Enjoy the flame. The scent. The intention. Find a moment when you felt love moving through you. Place yourself there – and engage your senses to how it felt to be present, to be giving and to be full of love. Come back to this moment over the week when you need to. You are capable of love, of being a worthy vessel for it.


2. Make a Sugar Scrub.

It?s winter, folks. Dry skin is here. At least for a few more months. Take a moment to mix up a little sugar scrub (coconut oil or olive oil if you?d like) and slough off that dead skin. Massage your body and take your time – love on yourself. Feel how good and soft your skin feels. Just don’t slip in the tub! 😉

3. Unplug.

Put down that phone, and unplug for a few hours. Light that candle again. Pick up that book that?s been sitting next to your bed for weeks. Keep the social media feeds out of sight and mind.


4. Make Your Gratitude List

One of the most unexpectedly fun moments I had last year was sitting with a new friend and trading back and forth things that we loved in our lives. It felt weird and a little forced at first, I’m being honest. But it suddenly became easier and we each started coming up with funny and specific things in our lives that made us happy. And then we were laughing and flowing with love. It’s there. In you. I promise. It’s just sometimes hard to find with all the noise.


Boston Go Out In-Boston:

Here are a few solo date ideas in Boston.

yoga in Boston

5. Attend a Yoga Class.

A great self-date idea is to attend your favorite yoga class in Boston. Yoga is a great de-stressor that offers a chance for self-reflection, self-awareness and continued growth.

For those looking for a yoga class locally, check out Borealis Yoga.

If you don’t want to leave the house – you can check out Yoga with Adrienne. I can’t tell you how many folks I mention this youtube channel to who love her as much as I do!? She doesn’t take things too seriously. She?s got the right amount of humor and energy and you can choose any length of class you want.

The point is to spend some time loving on your body.


Coolidge corner theatre

6. Attend a Movie at a Theatre.

Netflix is all good – but if you can, take the time to actually go see a movie. Yes. In a theater! Sit by yourself and enjoy the cinema experience. Eat all the popcorn.

My personal favorite is Coolidge Corner Theatre. Here are a few great movie theaters in Boston. I find it more indulgent and fun to go to an afternoon matinee by myself when the rest of the world is at work.

Great Theatre Options:


Courtyard, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Boston

7. Explore Museums.

Boston is a small city packed with places to explore and rich in history. Here are some great places in the area for a self-date for Valentine’s day:


Arnold arboretum Winter

8. Take a Walk.

Yes, it’s Winter. But getting outside is important, as long as it’s not too cold! Boston is beautiful (yes, even in the winter), so grab a hot coffee or tea to go, and take a mindful meditation walk in the city and surround yourself with beauty.


le visage spa in boston

9. Have a Spa Day!

A spa day is the ultimate way to pamper yourself while being able to de-stress. A spa day can improve your sense of well-being and you’ll to feel amazing. Get a massage, get your nails done, do everything you need to do for yourself.

Here are a few spas we’d recommend!


Jaho Coffee Boston

10. Find a Coffee Shop & Read a Book.

There are plenty of quiet coffee shops in Boston with amazing coffee drinks and comfortable furniture to lounge around. Grab a latte and a book you’re currently reading and get lost in a book.?

Coffee Shops:

Coffee & Bookstores & Libraries:

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