Boston Boudoir Photography Sessions


radically inclusive. outrageously sexy.

As a body-positive, sex-positive Boston boudoir photography studio, Modern Muse provides inclusive Boudoir Photography sessions as a way to celebrate a fully-realized and sensual self. Through this self-love experience, you will recognize yourself, remember your strengths and revel in your own magic.

Being a Modern Muse is a powerful experience that lets you feel strong, confident, loving and loved.

All bodies are welcome!

Curious? That’s the best place to start.


That’s me right there – a Boston boudoir photographer, looking more glamorous and dramatic than I usually do – but that’s my bio portrait. I thought I should go for it. And I think you should too.

When I first started specializing in boudoir photography, a client said “Ha! This is what I look like in my head!” Naturally, I was hooked.

My role as listening as much as taking pictures, listening to who you truly are and holding space for you and then the camera comes out, making amazing portraits of you that you will love.

I know that laughing is sexy. That not everyone likes lingerie. And that our bodies are always changing and are never perfect – but gratitude for them is transformative.



Wish that you looked like you do in your head?

Elegant, witty, effortless, amazing, and outrageously sexy?

You can.

Our boudoir photo sessions create and hold the space for you to get vulnerable, to find your strength and to be yourself. It’s a powerful experience for self-expression and affirmation. It celebrates and honors you.

Are you ready to revel in your own magic? Reach out to our Boston boudoir photography studio, located in the Seaport District.