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Before I discovered boudoir, I struggled trying to fit into some idealized notion of womanhood. It was exhausting. Unreasonable. Impossible. Gradually, I realized that it was not about looking perfect,  it was about being authentic and real.

Realness is everything to me. Which means that all our boudoir sessions are collaborations with you. To honor the bad-ass, sensual, complex and divine individual you are.

The truth is that seeing yourself and really being yourself is for everyBODY. And that having gratitude for your body is transformative.

More about me? I am an occasional knitter, cookbook collector, mom to a little rascal, partner to a very linear thinking engineer and completely heart-driven Boston boudoir photographer. East coast girl to the core, I did have a fun adventure on the west coast but found my way back home to Boston.

And now I am here, using my camera and a few other tricks to acknowledge your authentic selves and holding space for you –

to see yourselves with a whole heart.

before and afters

it?s not just about what hair and make up can do ? it?s about what being fully present and authentic in who you are looks like

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love notes from our Muses

Let yourself get vulnerable. Remember what it is to be true.

this gave me a level of confidence I never had before

If you aren?t sure if you ?should? do a boudoir shoot, or just think you?ll look ?weird?, or have ?rolls? or want to lose 10lbs first... get over it all ASAP!!

My day/week/month/year was made! And I?ve shamelessly been looking at them everyday, and trying to figure out where I want to hang one. These are some of the classiest and most stunning photos of my self that I?ve seen and I?ve been avoiding getting in front of the camera for all the reasons I listed up top. Allana did more than prove me wrong. I think everyone needs to do this, even if it?s just for yourself.

I would say thank you for giving me my confidence back, but it?s more than that. This shoot gave me a level of confidence I never had before. Thank you Allana!! So much love for you and what you do.

the power of being able to accept yourself is such a gift.

I absolutely love and adore Allana - both as a person and in her work. She has an incredibly calm, grounded, yet open presence - which calms any nerves. You instantly feel safe and comfortable with her, which allows for a natural and enjoyable experience to unfold... and this shows in the pictures. She is a master at what she does, she creates art and captures your true essence. Not a forced or contrived version of you, but what I believe is the essence of you that?s waiting and wanting to be seen. The power of being able to step into, see and accept that version of yourself is such a gift. The experience and the images are both something to treasure.

I can?t say enough great things about my experience

I can?t say enough great things about my experience shooting with Allana. It probably helped that she was SEMPAIIIIIIII in high school, so there was already a trust factor that existed, but I think she would have put me at ease regardless. If you want to get beautiful for yourself (you don?t need no man to do it for!), I highly endorse Modern Muse as a really great investment in yourself.

the best, strongest and most lovely version of yourself

Allana has a unique ability to create a space where magic can happen in the form of sexy photography. She is deeply invested in bringing out not just your beautiful exterior but also a true reflection of the person you are inside. Her warmth and professionalism go a long way in creating an environment that is fun, relaxing and sensual. And, perhaps most importantly, Allana is all about female empowerment. She can show you the best, strongest and most lovely version of your awesome female self!

It?s one thing to recognize a barrier, it?s another to choose to trust yourself enough to break through

I did something really empowering a few months ago - a boudoir shoot with a trusted photographer. Something way outside of my comfort zone, something I?d been wanting to do for years. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it. I?m busting through my barriers like a boss and I freaking love it!
It?s one thing to recognize a barrier, it?s another to choose to trust yourself enough to break through, and still another to acknowledge what it all symbolizes for you.

my experience was beyond the inspiration that I have needed to find my beauty again.

Reflecting back on this day and seeing myself in someone else?s eyes, bring the inspiring side out of me.

My experience doing a boudoir shoot was beyond the inspiration that I have needed to find my beauty again.

This shoot was very important to me, because this is my 10 year in recovery for trauma. I?m a survivor of domestic violence, who took her life back in 2011.

Remembering who I was then broken, lost and scared. Thoughts of how I was going to start my life over with a child by myself in a state with no family was a question that did not seem possible at all, with all odds pinned against me with judgement and ignorance.

Then I see this picture of that woman that I speak about in someone else?s eyes, the moment was captured beautifully. Allana, does amazing work and she gives you the confidence you need to show up with all of yourself.

Doing a boudoir shoot was something I never thought I would be able to do and when I was shown my reveal, tears came to my eyes of how beautiful I was, my hard work through my trauma recovery has made me proud of the woman I have become today.

Mother. Survivor. Warrior.

Thank you for bringing the beauty out in me that day and showing me that there is a gentle side and a Warrior side. This experience will keep me inspired to keep moving forward to helping other women and being proof that we are not only survivors, that we do recover and we can recover beautifully.

Boudoir Gallery

Oh my Lord! I love the pictures. Thank you for showing me something and someone I don?t see in the mirror every day.

I’m not beautiful like you. I’m beautiful like me.


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additional questions

What are sessions like?

Exhilarating! For most of us, it takes a little warming up to get out of our heads & into our bodies. ?Eventually awkwardness subsides. ?Then that beautiful, brave & authentic you is revealed. We start with a vision, and making wardrobe choices & styling ideas.? ?I encourage you to set aside a little extra time to wind down back into your everyday life. ? You will be feeling amazing, I promise.

I?m not sure I feel comfortable spending money on myself.

Investing in a personal experience like this is not something you do everyday. It is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime. On your journey of self love and acceptance, this is the time to explore and enjoy the person you are. ?You will cherish the experience, the images and the memories for the rest of your life. And we offer payment plans to make the Modern Muse portrait experience manageable for all budgets.

What do I wear?

Whatever you want. All sessions include a wardrobe consultation & we want you to wear what makes you feel amazing. For some that's lace, for some it's latex. Of course, there's a boatload of options in between. We are happy to point you toward some ideas to channel your style & make you look & feel like your best most outrageously sexy self. The best thing you can wear is confidence!

I?m not the lingerie type. Can I still do this?

Absolutely! There are so many ways to feel sexy. We can make amazing sensual images with sweaters, cocktail dresses, scarves - really anything. We can keep it as modest as you like. Talk to us if you are interested in a more in-depth wardrobe consult.

I have to lose some weight. Can you make me look good?

No one of us has the perfect body. It?s all in the posing, the lighting (that?s on us) and confidence. We will guide you in a way that shows you at your absolute best.

I?m worried that I?ll be nervous and that will show up in my images.

Trust us. Everyone is nervous when a camera is pointed at them. Everyone has butterflies before their boudoir session. And yet, everyone has a moment when they let go, get out of their own heads and into their bodies.

Trust yourself. On the other side, there?s a strong and confident sexy you. ?

Do you only photograph women?

No! While the majority of our Muses are women, we welcome all people who are drawn to our work and values and want the Modern Muse experience. If what you read and see resonates with you, I?d love to start a conversation. ?]