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What To Wear In Boudoir Pictures

You may be wearing very little, but choosing what you wear is important. Looking your best helps you feel comfortable (and confident) in front of the camera. Proper fit and support are critical.

Lingerie is way more than bras and panties.? Check out our suggestions below to see all the things you could bring with you to your boudoir portrait session. ? Get the most out of your Boston boudoir photography session. ?Choose a wardrobe that flatters and highlights your best features.

Enjoy your self.

?Stomach your best asset? Pick a few pairs of low-cut underwear to properly frame and flaunt it.?

?Want to hide your tummy? Go for a plunging neckline dress or bodysuit or slip. The focus will be on your chest and your hips, so eyes are drawn away from the midsection. ?

?Tall? Flaunt your height. Draw attention to the length of your legs. Tall women look amazing in the classic bra, panties, garter belt and thigh-high stocking ensemble. ?

?Have an hourglass figure? Enhance it with a corset or high waisted garter belt! Highlight your waist AND make your bosom and hips look even fuller and rounder.?

?Feeling a little less than ample? Try ruffles! Create the illusion of a more fullness and roundness. Good for bottoms and tops. ?

?Wish you were a little bit taller? High-cut bodysuits and briefs will draw the eye up and create the illusion of longer legs.?

Get the most out of your Modern Glamour boudoir session. Choose a wardrobe that flatters and highlights your best features.??- visually beautiful photographs that you are proud of. Enjoy yourself – and show yourself off.

Modern Glamour is Boston’s glamour & boudoir photography studio run by artist and photographer Allana Taranto. ?I treat each shoot as a collaboration, and value truly connecting with each muse to help them remember and revel in their own magic.

Call me at 617-942-1449 to book your Boston boudoir photoshoot.

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