5 Things To Know about Boudoir Posing

It’s no secret that posing is one of the ingredients in a beautiful portrait. (I didn’t forget about you my other favorites light & lens, pinky promise!)  But it can be tricky to know exactly how to pose your body. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to 5 things you can adjust and play with for beautifully posed portraits. We’ll also remind you about a hundred times to breathe.  Just breathe. you how to get moving so you look your best in front of any camera – yours or mine. 

There are so many details to consider when it comes to posing for a photo. Whether you’re a model or just someone who found this page while searching about doing a boudoir selfie . . .  there’s more to it than just arching your back and popping an elbow and pouting. In this post, I’ll cover the basics of how to pose from head to toe – which is a very quick version of the body language guidance I give at your actual boudoir session. I’ll tell you what to do with your hand, your jaw, your shoulders, your hips and your feet and where to look so you look your sensual best in your boudoir photos.



Relax your jaw and breathe! Breathe, damn it breathe! You’ll see the difference. I promise. 



Shoulders (forward rotation/they don’t have to be doing the same thing and we get more angles!!)

how to pose boudoir shoulder

how to pose boudoir shoulder



Hips (roll them forward seated, laying down, standing, kneeling) = more movement potential/more weight shifting/more flexibility

posing how to boudoir boston

posing how to boudoir boston


Eye Line

Eye line options (look away/look down/close eyes/right at camera)

boudoir posing eye line boston photographer boudoir posing eye line boston photographer





Barbie Feet (weightless heels and pushing out through the ball of the foot / not too much tension in the toes)


Side Crunch

Like at the gym? Kind of….  You are bringing your ribcage down to the hip which stretches out the opposite side of your body

Bringing it all together!

basics of boudoir posing boston photographer modern muse

close the eyes

basics of boudoir posing boston photographer modern muse

Make sure you are breathing….

basics of boudoir posing boston photographer modern muse

Barbie feet and side crunch

changing angles of the elbow and adding more hair

All of these things together from a different angle and eyes to camera.

When you’re posing for a photo, it’s important to understand how to control your body. Posing can make or break an image, and if you don’t know the basics, you could wind up looking awkward or uncomfortable. In this post, we’ll cover some key tips for posing from head to toe. By practicing all these, you’ll be able to take better photos of yourself and rock your next photo session!


Trust me – all it takes is a bit of practice! 😉

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