Best Way to Relax at a Boudoir Photo Shoot?


It?s fun to look back at my boudoir portrait work, and note what’s changed in my style ad approach to photographing boudoir – and what has remained the same. ?One thing that I?ve realized is that the more boudoir sessions I do, the more I love the real laughter and happiness and levity that can emerge in a boudoir shoot.

To be able to see the beauty and humanity and love in the world – to capture that in a candid portrait, to immortalize it on paper (or in a bridal gift album) – this is something I am always grateful for. ?You can see for yourself that once we release any nervous energy in laughter, we can get into the sultry later on.

On maternity leave (my boss is pretty good about taking family time) so we are revisiting a session from 2011. Check out these images from L.?s 2011 bridal boudoir portrait session in Boston.


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