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Black & White Boudoir Photo Album

boston boudoir photos modern muse albumBlack and White Boudoir Photography Albums

It’s easy to create lots of looks with a few black pieces. There’s an elegance and simplicity in creating a shoot that?s all black and white. Black and white boudoir photography can be sultry, captivating and moody. It can also be clean and sophisticated and timeless. I often shoot with the camera LCD set to preview in black and white so I can see the light and the tonal range without the distraction of color.

I absolutely love this black and white boudoir photo album. This gorgeous muse chose a black leather album with black gilded pages, making this such an understated and sexy gift.

How to Make A Black & White Boudoir Photo Album

boston boudoir photos modern muse album

After your boudoir shoot, you may want to present those stunning black & white boudoir photos in a photo book. Putting the images together into one book is a perfect way to memorialize your boudoir experience and it can also make a sensational (activate all the senses!) gift to your partner. Of course, at Modern Muse, we know it’s also an amazing gift to yourself.

Regardless of what brought you to the studio in the first place, I want your boudoir photos to be printed and presented in the most beautiful way possible. After all the time and energy and love you’ve put into the boudoir shoot, your boudoir photo book should look as amazing and beautiful as you do.

Most of our clients choose to purchase a boudoir photo album. Here are some ideas on how to plan and choose images for your own boudoir photo album. Below are some suggestions to help you plan for a beautiful boudoir album you can enjoy and be excited to share.


Choosing a Boudoir Photo Album

boston boudoir photos modern muse album

Black & White boudoir photography is tasteful and luxurious, which in turn means the album itself should reflect this.

I have sourced albums with the exceptional print quality and gorgeous cover options that will display your boudoir portraits at their best. I love a matte finish on the pages – there’s something quite sensual about feeling the surface under your fingertips. The texture is important when you’re holding an object – which is why I recommend either a silk or leather cover. You want a boudoir album that feels wonderful in your hands and looks alluring even before the pages are turned.


Designing & Organizing The Photos In Your Black & White Boudoir Album

boston boudoir photos modern muse album

We want variety and storytelling when we approach album design. Once you have chosen the images you love and want to purchase in your album, they will be laid out on page spreads. Each spread considers the images as a whole and how they relate to each other. We might have to crop or shift some images to make them work harmoniously within the album page spread.

To honor the images, we don?t try to squeeze too many images into each spread. Too many images on one page take away impact from the images themselves. We can always add pages if you love more images.

How many pages? What size?? Most of the boudoir photo albums our clients choose are 20 page 8×12 leather albums. Want a handheld album to store in your bedside table? Perhaps the smaller album would work better. Want to keep your images in a grand impressive album with a huge impact? Perhaps the larger size meets your needs.


Leave Enough Time

boston boudoir photos modern muse album

boston boudoir photos modern muse album

boston boudoir photos modern muse album

If you are planning on doing a black and white boudoir photoshoot that will be made into a gift, make sure to give yourself and us enough time. We can schedule your ordering session within a week of your shoot. Once you have approved the design, we will send it off to our labs. Our production schedule is busiest around the holidays, and wedding season with lots of photos to edit, so plan ahead. Boudoir Photo Album print and bind turn around are typically 2 weeks.

If you’re looking for more sexy ideas, see this blog about fun & sexy boudoir photography gift ideas.

When you choose to boudoir photographer, it’s important to choose a photographer you trust and one who has a portfolio that you love. Curious about doing your own black and white boudoir photoshoot? Give our Boston boudoir photography studio a call. We can plan out the perfect session to celebrate and honor you!

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