This beautiful muse responded to a facebook post and wanted to come into the studio to get out of business mode (many exciting things happening for their entrepreneur) and check back into her senses.? I asked her to bring in wardrobe that she felt good in, fabrics that felt good against her skin.? She came in with so many cozy sweaters – and these amazing knit leg warmers!? She also took advantage of our growing studio wardrobe, rocking a purple velvet trimmed bodysuit.

I’ve rearranged things in the studio to make use of a corner that was previously storage – and the exposed brick is fun to work with. It makes a lovely contrast to skin.

This muse is part of our VIP group on Facebook -?Modern Glamour Muses & Magic Makers.? It?s a closed group created specifically for Modern Glamour’s past, present and future muses.? ?Want in? you can ask to join right here.

 Boston Boudoir Valentine Photos one sleeve sweater leg warmers

 Boston Boudoir Valentine Photos one sleeve white sweater ribbed leg warmers

 Boston Boudoir Valentine Photos black bodysuit brick wall

 Boston Boudoir Valentine Photos

 Boston Boudoir Valentine Photos purple velvet trimmed bodysuit

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