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Cozy, Cuddly, Beautiful Winter Lingerie

As I’m planning the #IAMMYOWNVALENTINE boudoir sessions for this winter in Boston, and incidentally dreaming of white fur-trimmed capes, I fell into the Etsy rabbit hole and found so many delicious things.

I believe in keeping your arms warm.

Love these fingerless gloves/arm warmers from Sartoria on Etsy

forgiving and comfortable statement loungewear is not impossible

I adore this red jumper and pretty much everything else in the Sandmaiden Sleepwear shop

floor length wool crochet dressing gown!

Check out this vintage crochet dressing gown, floor-length with 3/4 bell sleeves from Blue Birdy Vintage.? And all the other gorgeous treasures.

Custom corset jacket with slash through sleeves

From the idolatre shop on Etsy, this jacket would be a dream paired with so many things you probably already own.

hand-dyed 100 percent recycled cashmere

This used to be a sweater.? Its second life is so much better.

A women posing in bed wearing black lingerie and striped long sleeves.

Boudoir Mood & Style Quiz

It’s not the wardrobe. It’s the mood.

Options for your portrait session can seem overwhelming.

You might not be a lingerie person. And that’s totally ok! We want to help you find the vibe that feels right for you.

Whatever your style is, whatever your comfort level, this quiz helps you find the right look just for you to express yourself. So let’s get this party started!

Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation

Photo of a woman in lingerie leaning on a wall.

Find your Boudoir Style

It's not the Wardrobe. It's the mood.

Ready to the emotions you want to feel and see?

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