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?Thank you for capturing me through your wonderful pictures. It shows I am in control of my life and captures a part of me that shows I continue to look forward to life in a positive way, wonder what life really is all about and what is it trying to teach me.


Most of all, I enjoyed my time with you .?

Puja scheduled her Modern Glamour portrait session just for herself.? She was curious to see what photography can capture of her personality and her internal feelings.? A heady way to embrace a portrait session. And one that I welcome to the studio anytime.?


Puja wanted to have some of her wardrobe reference her heritage.? Having grownup in India and the Middle East and now living in the US, she wanted to represent the different worlds in which she belongs.? After we teamed up to steam all the fabric and I learned a little pleating technique, I had so much fun photographing this sari. These colors are striking against her complexion, and she channeled an elegance here that was both piercing and beautiful.?


After all the color she brought in, and I love photographing, she loved this black and white image and was continually drawn back to it during her ordering session.? I love it too.?

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