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Reflections on a Boudoir Session & Gift Album

Modern Muse Boudoir Review

This morning I’m sharing along with some images of an album a reflection from one of our Modern Muses.? She contacted me about doing a Boston boudoir session as a gift for her husband.? I was thrilled to welcome her into the studio and work together to make a beautiful collection of images that were bound into an album as her wedding gift.

Her words below:

You’re beautiful. Simple as that.??I would tell my best friend that she is beautiful and a Modern Muse session is a way to capture the beauty that is you. It’s scary to be so vulnerable, especially with someone you just meet, however, this is a moment to be empowered, to appreciate the body you have and all it can accomplish, and to celebrate the life that is yours. Embrace the time you have. Smile when you feel like it and feel free to be bold. A Modern Muse session is for you (and about you) and you deserve it.?

My biggest anxieties were what if the shoot didn’t turn out; like what if the photos weren’t beautiful or my body wasn’t ‘perfect’ that day.? I often feel subconscious when it comes to the way I look.? However, none of this was the case on the day of.? Allana made me feel at ease throughout the whole process.? From suggesting poses, listening to my thoughts on what I was looking for, recommending stores to shop at, and so forth.? She made me feel comfortable and beautiful.?

Allana is so graceful and tasteful.? Meeting with Allana – she made me feel right at ease. Exposing yourself in which ever way a person sees fit isn’t easy to do with a stranger; but after a few moments with Allana she made me feel at home.? Like we were old friends catching up and talking through life goals, decisions, and simply having fun. She helped me to feel comfortable in the session and at ease when trying different poses that she recommended.? Allana was super helpful throughout the whole process from the time I decided to do a glamour shoot to showing up.? My favorite part – would be the whole experience.?

It warms me heart to read these words. This is the experience I hope to create for anyone who comes into the Boston studio to be photographed – making them feel comfortable and beautiful.

If you are interested in learning more about Modern Muse, or scheduling a session yourself, drop a line at or my clicking the button below.

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