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Bridal boudoir photography

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Bridal Boudoir Photography Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement!

One the life milestones that operates as impetus for many women to consider a boudoir portrait session is as a wedding gift to their partner.

Doing a boudoir shoot before your wedding will give you confidence in front of the camera, let you try out makeup and hair style and you know you’ll look amazing on the wedding day. Plus you can carry the boudoir shoot after-glow as a cheeky secret until your wedding day.

The very first boudoir clients I had were brides. So there they were, half dressed anyway. In beautiful lingerie that they were excited for someone to see, and to capture. It made sense to capture a few intimate moments, the anticipation of the day palpable, the energy electric.

Photography is a powerful tool for self expression and affirmation

what to wear for your bridal boudoir session

When we think of a bride, we think of white. Brides usually wear white, ivory or blush.

Remember this if nothing else:

The best thing you can wear is confidence.

Photo of a woman, standing, wearing nude-colored lingerie.


Your boudoir go bag:


Playlist – music that makes you feel happy.

Black and nude bra and underwear set. Even if you’re not stripping down to them, you’ll likley need the right foundation garments. If we want to use a white lace dress – it’s better without the lime green undies.

Something that shows your personality. That shows that you contain multitudes. I like to shoot for variety, to get images that are modest, sensual, flirty, daring, coy, strong, feminine.

How to Present your Bridal Boudoir Photos

After you decide you are ready to commit to your boudoir shoot the big questions is: what do you do with the photos? Present them proudly in your living room? Most likely for a boudoir shoot this isn’t going to happen – but I never know! I can absolutely imagine a gorgeous naked back with a cascade of hair being a beautiful, and anonymous, addition to a bedroom wall. Get a beautiful sparkling frame and keep it at your bedside table?

Many of my bridal boudoir clients choose their favorite dozen or so images and make an album. A little black book can be a sexy gift, full of joy and fun. You can add your own inscription in the album, making the gift even more personal and meaningful.

So ask yourself – how do you want to enjoy these images? Do you imagine treasuring matted and framed prints? Would you put a picture up in your bedroom? On a bedside table? Can you imagine gifting an album of images? Perhaps with a personalized inscription?

Bridal Photo Gallery

Black and White Bridal Boudoir Photography

This bridal boudoir photoshoot was developed in moody black and white, with a healthy dose of grain for added atmosphere. It shows little moments from the session that were evocative, sensual, and a little mysterious. We photographed her partner’s shirt for a classic look and pulled out the floor-length veil for some window silhouettes.

Floral-Inspired Wedding Boudoir Photoshoot

This bridal wedding photoshoot was filled with warm images, flowers and sheer clothes.  The bride-to-be not only came with this beautiful settee and glassware but she handled the florals too. A hug and thank you to Kristen Connolly of Bewitchery Lingerie and Sophie of Ore and Stephanie of Rust & Luxe for their assists.


The night before the wedding ceremony? The morning of? On the honeymoon (you could sneak it in the suitcase). As gift on your first anniversary?

Whenever you decide is the best time to gift the bridal boudoir images – Let the recipient enjoy the images in silnnce. Give your partner time to cherish seeing the images. Let it linger. Watch their face as they see the multitudes of you.


Ramp up for the wedding!

Schedule your bridal boudoir photo shoot at least eight weeks before the wedding. As the wedding planning gets in full swing, and all the moving pieces for this next chapter of your life are moving into place, the excitement builds – this is a great time to schedule your bridal boudoir session. Often, in anticipation of the wedding day and the honeymoon, my clients are eating well, working out, and looking forward to being in great shape at their wedding. This translates into feeling, and looking, pretty damn fantastic.