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Confidence on Camera | Making Eye Contact in Boudoir Photography

natural light fine art boudoir photography boston

Confidence on Camera  Making Eye Contact – What It Means and Why It’s Hard To Do Well   Deer in the headlights.  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  The first few minutes of any portrait session – that’s what For many of us, making eye contact can be difficult – especially when we’re in front of […]

Minimalist Boudoir Wardrobe Ideas

Boudoir photo of a woman facing the light wearing pajama.

One of the big questions I get asked a lot is. . . . what do I wear?  The simple answer . . . pretty much anything. I wanted to share images from a recent session with just the one (1) outfit.  A pair of satin pjs I bought on amazon. Nothing fancy. It’s about […]

Getting into the Modern Muse Mindset | Boston Boudoir Photo Studio

natural light fine art boudoir photography boston

Getting into the Modern Muse Mindset  (the work you do in addition to choosing lingerie) We all have moments in our lives where the way we see ourselves changes. There are so many things to think about when you’re thinking about getting a boudoir photo shoot for yourself, like what wardrobe will make me feel […]

Boudoir Wardrobe Tips

long sleeve black body suit boudoir new england wardrobe ideas

I know that this wardrobe and outfit thing can be overwhelming. Looking good should appear effortless – and, in fact, it often is not.  It took me a long time to realize that certain cuts and drapes and colors did not look good on me. And others looked pretty amazing. And when I have something […]

Benefits of a Boudoir Session

Boston Boudoir Photography Services

Benefits of a Boudoir Session It has sure has been an interesting year for all of us? Overwhelmed? Struggling to find equilibrium? Feeling disconnected from your body? Am I right?   It has been difficult for everyone and us portrait photographers too.? It is possible to do photo sessions while maintaining safety measures and wearing […]

Using Pinterest To Help Prepare For Your Boudoir Session

allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston

How Can Pinterest Help You Prepare For Your Boudoir Session Yes, I’ll begin by acknowledging that this is a potential rabbit hole. And you may get lost for hours once you begin. But that said . . .whether you are doing a solo boudoir photo session or a couples boudoir session, it can be a […]

Boudoir FAQs | The Common Anxieties & Concerns

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While the exterior trappings of boudoir are about the hair and make up and the clothes (or lack thereof) and we do love those things! The Modern Muse experience is truly about dropping into your true self, feeling the confidence to do so and seeing your whole body with compassion and trust. So many people […]

Product Spotlight: Our Boudoir Albums

boudoir albums boston fine art boudoir

Product Spotlight: Our Boudoir Albums I am super excited to share these images of our new Boudoir Collections!? If you are anything like me, you want to touch and see things with your own hands before you buy them. Like test driving a car to feel what it’s like to turn the steering wheel or […]

What To Bring To A Boudoir Shoot

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What To Bring To A Boudoir Shoot The single most important thing to remember as you plan what you will wear to your session? The best thing you can wear is confidence.? So how do you be confident? Get comfortable.? You aren?t obligated to bring a certain style of outfit just because this is boudoir.? […]

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