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HOW TO PREPARE FOR A MALE BOUDOIR SHOOT Forging Your Inner Muse Forget push-ups and protein shakes – your male boudoir session starts with the big question – who do you want to see in these photographs?  Because at Modern Muse, male boudoir isn’t just about your body; it’s about witnessing and documenting you. When […]

Embracing Masculine Sensuality: Redefining Boudoir Photography

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Embracing Masculine Sensuality: Redefining Boudoir Photography Are You Ready to Redefine Boudoir? Let’s Break Stereotypes, Embrace Vulnerability, and Celebrate Diversity Together! Challenging Stereotypes: Breaking the Boudoir Mold Hey, you! Yes, you! Let’s address the elephant in the room – the age-old misconception that boudoir photography is just for one gender. It’s time to shatter those […]

Modern Muse | James

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Modern Muse isn’t only for women. When we say that we are inclusive – that means what we understand that all bodies can feel the need to be seen as worthy. We know that body image is something all people can struggle with and that men want to be able to see themselves with love […]

Boston Mens Boudoir

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Boston Mens Boudoir Want to know about male boudoir photography in Boston? More and more people are finding the joy of experiencing a boudoir photo session. Not only because they get to see yourself reflected in killer magazine quality portraits but also because they want to step out of their heads, their internal self-critical monologue […]

Male Boudoir Photography Valentine’s Day Gift for your Wife

It’s not only ladies who want to get a boudoir session at the studio!  Male boudoir is a thing.  And, of course, we make it modern and classic and sexy.  

This gentleman, husband and father of three, wanted to give his wife an awesome and unexpected Valentine’s Day gift this year.  He had received a boudoir album from his wife a few years ago, loved it and wanted to reciprocate.  He told me he’s been working out a lot recently and feeling good in his body again.   .   

We planned out the session to include a dapper look, a fitness and a fashion look.  He rocked all three.  It’s really fun to create several different moods with one person by changing the wardrobe, the lighting and the lens choices.  

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