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Boudoir Portraits using Natural Window Light

Boston Boudoir Portraits Natural Window Light

Want to create that Moody Boudoir Look and that Bright and Airy Boudoir Look – all in one space? Here’s how to do it! These photos were taken moments apart – and all with the same exposure, continuing to expose for the highlights as I moved around the subject. For a photographer, learning to see […]

How to Make a Boudoir Book at Home: Your DIY Guide

For those who consider themselves crafty, we have some great ideas on how to make a boudoir book at home. I know and would prefer to take things into your own hands and DIY a boudoir book at home. I don?t recommend a DIY here unless you really love doing things yourself. Of course, we […]

Boudoir Photography Gift Ideas That Are Sexy & Fun

Boudoir photo shoots are popular for brides and sometimes couples do a boudoir shoot together. Boudoir photos are often gifted. But how do gift boudoir photography? We have some boudoir photography gift ideas.    What is Boudoir Photography? Boudoir Sessions are a professional portrait session meant as an extraordinary and special gift for both yourself […]

Ideas on What to Wear to a Boudoir Photography Session

Getting ready for your boudoir session and not sure what to wear? Believe me. It?s easier than you think. There are countless ways to feel sexy! If you are feeling overwhelmed by options, here’s a beginner’s guide on what to wear to a boudoir photography session. So suit up and get ready to be your […]

Being in the Moment During Boudoir Photoshoots

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Here at Modern Muse, boudoir is about feeling and being RADIANT.? Not rushed. It is so important that we frame your boudoir photoshoot experience in a positive way.? All of us have anxieties over how we look. And how we will look in photographs. And we will zero in on the things we already have […]

Tune Into Your Senses

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Tune Into Your Senses We believe that all people are beautiful and we LOVE creating and holding a space for our Muses to have an amazing experience where they can both be truly themselves and see themselves truly.  We want to showcase YOU and your unique beauty and give you an amazing boudoir experience. We […]

How To Shop For Lingerie For Your Boudoir Shoot

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My own personal experience is that shopping for clothes can be a painful and frustrating time.  It?s hard to find something off the rack that fits or drapes correctly.  I’ve eventually learned what cuts, fabrics and styles work for me.  For both exterior clothes and also for lingerie.

In abstract form, lingerie shopping can seem scary and intimidating.  Skip Victoria?s Secret at the mall.  Small boutique shops are a better bet for customer service.  Smaller shops sell a wide variety of lingerie lines and their salespeople that know which lines and what pieces will work best for you.

With guidance from one of my favorite lingerie experts, Rachel Wentworth of Forty Winks Lingerie Boutique, here is your boudoir session lingerie shopping guide.  

How to Get in the Mood for a Boudoir Shoot

how to get ready for a boudoir shoot boston body positive

a few of my favorite things   GETTING READY FOR A BOUDOIR SHOOT   Last night, I was listening to A Few of My Favorite things – yes the song from The Sound of Music. ?The list of things that the character Maria loves – things that she clings to when she is feeling bad. […]

People are Beautiful: Manda

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Boudoir Portraits The more you listen. Sit and listen and really connect – the more beautiful people are. The more compassion between you as two individuals builds.? This is one of the reasons I love creating portraits.? I find people endlessly fascinating. My ex used to complain that I watched too many talking heads movies […]