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Being a Modern Muse Is Not About Perfection

Modern Glamour is a Boston based portrait studio that is radially inclusive and outrageously sexy.  Every shoot is a collaboration with you, my muse.

I don?t rely on retouching for your Modern Glamour portraits.  Using flattering lighting, beautiful poses, having hair and makeup done professionally and creating an comfortable environment means I am doing as little as possible in post production.  Photoshop is used sparingly – to make sure that you shine and sparkle.  Or smolder.  Retouching shouldn?t be noticeable.  What should be visible and vibrant in your portraits is you.

Yes, I?ll take off the scrape on your knee, or any blemishes that show up the week of your session.  Modern Glamour isn?t about aiming for an idealized body.  It?s about celebrating you, your uniqueness and showing you off at your best.  Crooked smile? Adorable.  Asymmetrical face? We all have them!  Stretch marks? You earned those tiger stripes.  Talk with me before the session if there is anything you want reduced or included. Yay birthmarks!   

Hands, Sheets, Shadows | Implied Nude Boudoir Session

One of the things I love about portrait photography is that while there are rules there are also no hard rules.  Especially when it comes to what to put on your body for a boudoir photo shoot.  You don?t have to wear clothes, just like you don?t have to be nude.  With implied nude boudoir photography, it?s more about the shape and form of the body than about wardrobe or sets.  I?ll photograph you in what you bring in.  I also have things here that you might be interested in wearing, or draping.  We can drape and wrap fabrics to give the illusion of a dress or a shirt or a skirt.  Ultimately, I want you to feel comfortable and beautiful – so you can relax into the experience and look amazing.

When I originally saw the phrase hands, sheets, shadows – I knew that it was the ideal descriptor for implied nudes.   At this shoot, we played with the idea of some items of clothing against bare skin.  

What’s Making Me Happy 2016

2016 was an intense year of change. In both my professional (launching Modern Glamour comes to mind), and personal life.  It was also marked another year in business and another year of portraits in which I was honored to meet and photograph many beautiful, interesting and wonderful people.  

Treat Yo’Self | Greatest Gift To Give To Yourself This Holiday

Last winter, when we had just moved to Midway I fell in love with shooting in the midday winter light.  And so, I’m offering once again the Winter Session.  You can use this to do a little boudoir portrait session or a little glamour session.  You can use it for a personal branding portrait.  You can use it however you’d like.  To warm up, to treat yourself, to indulge on a winter afternoon.  You get the idea.  The greatest gift to give to yourself? Love! 

How to Pose for Boudoir Picture

TIPS FOR POSING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA It is my job to bring out the best in my muse (that would be you!). ?It?s my job to make you comfortable. It?s my job to photograph you in the best and more beautiful ways. I know what beauty looks like in its many forms and […]

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas The traditional first anniversary gift is paper.  Which made me initially think of a stack of printer paper.  No that exciting or fun.  How can we give something personal, meaningful? Something full of love and trust and fun?  And made of paper? For this first of many milestones, a series of […]

How to Overcome Fear of Being Photographed (What Worked For Me)

Much like many people I had to overcome my fear of being photographed. Yes, it’s pretty common, and it’s something I still have issues with, even as a professional photographer. Whether you’re camera-shy, or hat having portraits done, there are a lot of reasons that people have fear and anxiety of photos taken of them. […]

Black and White Bridal Boudoir


Some of my favs from a recent boston boudoir session for a bride.  For the ones I can share, I processed them all with a moody black and white, with a healthy does of grain for added atmosphere.  Of course, I did capture images of her gorgeous face, but the ones I’m sharing today show little moments from the session that were evocative and sensual and a little mysterious.  

blue walls natural light fine art boston boudoir photography white sheet session curly hair

Ready to strip down?

BIRTHDAY Suit Flash sale is coming

When all you needs are hands, sheets and shadows.