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Solo-Date Ideas in Boston #iammyownvalentine

Solo-Date Ideas in Boston Life is chaotic. Schedules and juggling and trying to fit everything and everyone in. Nothing lines up neatly, and we have to accept that. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself to some self-care and love. Whether you’re single, or partnered, you don?t need anyone else to validate self-worth. […]

People are Beautiful: Manda

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Boudoir Portraits The more you listen. Sit and listen and really connect – the more beautiful people are. The more compassion between you as two individuals builds.? This is one of the reasons I love creating portraits.? I find people endlessly fascinating. My ex used to complain that I watched too many talking heads movies […]

Revisiting: True Self Project

Revisiting a collaborative portrait project from a few years ago.  This was so much fun and an incredible experience.  The images were shared at Fort Point Open Studios but I realized I hadn’t shared the full stories, of either the project or the participants, on the blog.  Here’s an introduction to the Trueself Project.  TRUESELF […]

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