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Tips For Styling Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Your wedding is likely a reflection and celebration of you as a couple.  A bridal boudoir shoot can reflect and celebrate you as an individual.  Once you decide to take the plunge and book your bridal boudoir session, the next step is figuring out what to bring.  Boudoir isn?t about skin.  It?s about you. Whether you are leaning toward casual and cozy or sensual and seductive – here are 4 tips for what to wear at your bridal boudoir shoot.

boudoir shoot preview

A few from our recent boudoir photo shoot with muse Rebecca! She brought simple and classic boudoir session wardrobe: cotton robe, a grey silk chemise, a pink silk robe and we ended with using the bodysuit she came into the studio with.  A little preview of the boudoir session below. 

Fine Art Nudes

It seems simpler, in some ways, to not have to think about wardrobe.  But it also involves more risk, more intimacy and more courage.  

Featured Boudoir Session | Ariana at 40

At 40, this is the most confident she has ever felt in her skin.  At 40, she has found more awareness about who she is as a woman and as a human.  Embracing that she is a very sensual person, she used her boudoir session to access and celebrate that part of her.  

Getting to this place of confidence requires being true to yourself.  It requires loving yourself in this moment, even if you don’t feel your best.  it requires being open to opportunities and asking for help along the way.  It requires giving back. 


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Light & Dark: Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot WHAT SHE WORE TO HER BRIDAL BOUDOIR SHOOT.? While many brides bring in whites and light colors to their boudoir session, black lingerie is also a classic choice. ?This bride brought her wedding veil and a beautiful white brocade corset. ?She also brought in a black and grey lace bra set, […]

Men’s Portraits

It’s a guy! It’s true, we don’t only photograph women around here.  Here are a few of my favorites from a shoot last week with the Pilates Prince, Antonio Aniello.  

Just like when photographing women for Modern Glamour portraits, I want the men in front of my camera to feel confident and look natural. The posing isn’t the same, but the approach of the photographer is – I wanted to create images that he felt great about. 

Bite Lip Lab NYC | My Experience with Custom Color

I ply my trade in luxury.  Custom portrait sessions are a luxury.  Modern Glamour is a luxury.  Commissioning a photographer document your life is a luxury.  And custom-created lipstick – definitely a luxury.  A luxury and also a dazzle color splash that will be making my summer brighter and, obviously, more fun.

 While I was in NY on a family wedding long weekend, my friend Katherine asked if I would be interested in getting a custom shade of lipstick made.  What’s this now?  A custom created lipstick?  From one of my favorite lipstick brands – Bite?  Yes, please. Sign me up!