Modern Muse sessions are an empowering & body positive experience.

Your portraits will be as unique & sensational as you are.

This is affirmation, not transformation.

What are sessions like?

Exhilarating! For most of us, it takes a little warming up to get out of our heads & into our bodies. Eventually awkwardness subsides. Then that beautiful, brave & authentic you is revealed. We start with a vision, and making wardrobe choices & styling ideas. I encourage you to set aside a little extra time to wind down back into your everyday life. You will be feeling amazing, I promise.

What do I wear?

Whatever you want. All sessions include a wardrobe consultation & I want you to wear what makes you feel amazing. For some that's lace, for some it's latex. Of course, there's a boatload of options in between. I'm happy to point you toward some ideas to channel your style & make you look & feel like your best most outrageously sexy self. We've been growing a collection of wardrobe options in different sizes & styles for you to wear at your session. The best thing you can wear is confidence!

When do I get to see the pictures?

All images are carefully edited for your private viewing & ordering appointment. We'll meet up again for within two weeks of your shoot. Images will not be put online unless you grant written permission

I am not the lingerie type. Can I still do this?

Absolutely! There are so many ways to feel sexy. We can make amazing sensual images with sweaters, cocktail dresses, scarves - really anything. We can keep it as modest as you like. Talk to us if you are interested in a more in-depth wardrobe consult.

I am not sure I feel comfortable spending money on myself.

Investing in a personal experience like this is not something you do everyday. But it is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime. On your journey of self love and acceptance, this is the time to explore and enjoy the person you are. You will cherish the experience, the images and the memories for the rest of your life. We offer payment plans to make the Modern Muse portrait experience manageable for all budgets.

Can I just get the digitals?

The corresponding digital files come with any of the collections you purchase. You may opt out of the product for just the files, but the price will remain the same.

I have to lose some weight. Can you make me look good?

No one of us has the perfect body. It?s all in the posing, the lighting (that's on me) and confidence. I will guide your in a way that shows you at your best.

I am worried that I will be nervous and that will show up in my images.

Trust me. Everyone is nervous when a camera is pointed at them. Everyone has a moment when they let go, get out of their own heads and into their bodies. Trust yourself. On the other side, there's a strong, confident, and sexy Muse - YOU. 

Do you only photograph women?

No! If what you read and see resonates with you, I'd love to start a conversation. While we the majority of our Muses are women, we welcome all people who are drawn to our work and values and want the Modern Muse experience.

I'm in! How do I book my session?

Just click the button below to schedule a call with me.