Fine Art Nude Boudoir Portraits

It seems simpler, in some ways, to not have to think about the wardrobe. But it also involves more risk, more intimacy, and more courage.

This muse had some wonderful images already in mind, and she was in need of an experience that got her out of her head and into her body.

I have written about implied nude boudoir images before (LINK)

At your Modern Muse boudoir session, there?s no expectation that you be naked. I?ll photograph you in whatever you bring in. ?Nudes can be intimidating, though I find that more women than you?d think are interested in capturing their bodies – as they are.? The images are tasteful, and honor and celebrate who you are.

More and more of my clients are opting for a Fine Art Nude boudoir component in addition to wearing lingerie at our private natural light boudoir photography studio. Sensual and mostly about form, these are the type of anonymous images that you just might feel brave enough to hang on your wall.

You don?t have to commit to an all-nude boudoir session, you can add some of these into your more lingerie focused boudoir photoshoot. ?Your comfort level drives your boudoir shoot. If you decide you?d like to do something like this – we can.

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