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Being in the Moment During Boudoir Photoshoots

Here at Modern Muse, boudoir is about feeling and being RADIANT.? Not rushed.

It is so important that we frame your boudoir photoshoot experience in a positive way.? All of us have anxieties over how we look. And how we will look in photographs. And we will zero in on the things we already have decided aren?t enough, or are too much.? And that?s what we scan photos of ourselves for first. Right??

So let?s not do that.??

Sounds easy? All you have to do it turn it on. Feel it. Are you feeling it?? What? It?s not that easy? What is this it that I’m supposed to feel to turn on? Yeah. You?re right. It?s not.? We spend a lot of time in worry, planning or distraction mode. And not that much time being present and feeling.? Sitting with feelings. Checking in on the sensations we are feeling.?

So how do we start paying attention to the sensation to our bodies?

boston boudoir photographer

boston boudoir photographer

The goal of our boudoir photoshoots are beautiful portraits, of course, but also to let your sensual self take up space. To expand into more. To take up sound space. Physical space. To let your sensual self take lead. Listen to them. What do they need? What do they want? How do they move??

boston boudoir photographer

Put the qualifier ?I?m having the thought that? in front of any negative statements about yourself.? For example – I?m having the thought that I?m too fat to do a shoot like this.? Or ?I?m having the thought that I am too old.?? Or I?m having the thought that I?m too vain for wanting to experience this.??

boston boudoir photographer

Swap your judgment for kindness.? What would you say to your best friend??


boston boudoir photographer

Don?t force anything.?

boston boudoir photographer

Laugh when you want to.

boston boudoir photographer

Be gentle with yourself through this process

boston boudoir photographer

boston boudoir photographer

Accept with arises.? This experience of being seen is powerful!

boston boudoir photographer

Don?t dwell in comparison.? You are wonderfully you. No one else comes close.?


Feeling brave?? You can trust us to hold space for you, guide you to through the entire process to revel in your own magic!

Modern Muse is a boutique modern Boston boudoir photography studio. Learn more about our boudoir photography.

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