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How to Take a Boudoir Selfie: A Guide

How to Take a Boudoir Selfie: A Guide

This is the kind of post that is useless without pictures – so I’ve been practicing with my own phone camera as well as my ‘real’ gear. Months have gone by and I am still hesitant to press the button and share because it means really putting myself out there and that is scary (as you all probably know). But if you’re interested in taking DIY pictures, here are some tips on how to take a boudoir selfie. These are all actually me! Most taken with my phone.

If you have ever tried and failed, at DIY boudoir photography, then this guide on how to take a boudoir selfie is for you. Sharing a few of our favorite mindset shifts, poses and lighting suggestions so that you can make some of your own gorgeous boudoir selfies.

Of course, I would not steer you away from doing a professional boudoir photography session, but if you are not comfortable yet having someone else take your boudoir photos, here is how to take things into your own hands and make a gorgeous boudoir selfie. And you can always check out our selfie presets for LR Mobile if you want to up your selfie game just a little bit more. 

Tips on How to Take a Boudoir Selfie

Get in the mood

It all starts by getting in the right mood. When you are feeling good – your images will capture that. Ever wondered how to do boudoir photography yourself? Here is where to begin!


Stand tall. Take four deep breaths. Add some hip swirls (move your pelvis in circles and loosen up your hips! Here’s a video on how to do it! It’s a great way to wake up your body and feel grounded into it). You got this. One of our mantras here is that the best thing you can wear is confidence.


Have compassion for yourself. Taking a boudoir selfie (and potentially sharing it with your spouse or significant other!) takes courage. Remember that you are a whole, beautiful person. Love yourself for trying this.


This should be fun. It is ok to enjoy it! Boudoir selfies are not a time to be serious – it’s a time to have fun. It’s time to play. And remind yourself that laughter is totally sexy.

Let go

Don’t fixate on what doesn’t work or look good. Edit as you go. Delete the terrible ones. No one needs to see them. Focus on the good ones and keep the gems. Professional photographers work on lighting, angles, wardrobe to get it right and even though we are professionals, it doesn’t always happen the way we want it for the first time. If the angle or lighting is not working – let that shot go for now and move on to the next one.

Set the scene

Learning how to take a boudoir selfie isn’t only about your inner attitude, it is about the place where you are shooting. Who hasn’t held up their phone at arm’s length and taken a few from bed? And the ever classic bathroom mirror? Boudoir selfies can be taken anywhere, you can get out of the bathroom and your bed!

Find the good light

Photography is literally nothing without light. And everything looks better with good light. How do you find that sweet light? Window light is usually a good place to start. You can stand facing the light for even and flat lighting. You can stand with the window light to your side which will show more definition and shadows. You can stand with the window light to your back and try a silhouette. They all have their benefits. Try shooting in each one to see which you like best.


Where are you? What are you doing? What else is there? You can create a little narrative in your boudoir selfie to make it more interesting. Or at least check the background for things (like the dog hair filled vacuum I missed in the back of some of mine)

Technical Stuff

You can use your actual camera, of course, but a phone is perfect for doing boudoir photography yourself – which is what I did here. The front-facing cameras on most of our phones are set to wide-angle – which is not the best for taking portraits when you can only hold the camera at arm’s length from your face. But it is awesome for checking out lighting and finding the right place to position yourself and the camera. Self-timers come in handy here.

Give yourself some room to play. Do not let your arm length limit the variety of images you can get! Flip your phone to the front-facing camera, prop it up on a chair/ladder/windowsill and put on the 3 or 10-second timer.

DIY Boudoir Poses

The sexiest boudoir poses are ones that don’t look like you are trying too hard. They look natural and real – which is what makes them sensual and amazing! That is why I suggest starting with the mindsets above. Feeling grounded and alive and fully in your body is the place to start. Find the light and the scene and then you add motion and bring the energy.

When you are in the studio, we will go over all of this step by step. You can start out with these tips and practice at home with your own boudoir selfie before you have a session with us.

Exaggerate Your Curves Start by moving around and exaggerate the curves of your body.

Create asymmetry in your body You can this by shifting your weight back and forth. Activate your hands by running your fingertips along your body – one hand runs up along your body while the one runs down and then reverse. Touch your skin gently.

Position Your Chin Use the camera to see the difference between keeping your chin up or bring it down and looking out from under your brow – which one looks better

Rotate your shoulders Move your shoulders forward to show more of your clavicle. Then bring that shoulder forward and your chin around to almost touch it creates a beautiful space by your neck.

Play with your hair Use your fingers (they are like little arrows pointing to what you want people to look at!) to bring attention to your face, your neckline, your collarbones, your cleavage – any place on your body that you want someone to notice. Keep your fingertips soft and moving – you can trace circles on your skin.

Do not forget to breathe Breathe brings life into the images.

Laugh Anytime you feel like laughing – laugh!

Oh and don’t forget your face!

We keep tension in your faces. Often when we see pictures of ourselves that we hate – it goes back to us not wanting the picture taken and holding tension about that right here in our faces. So, your mindset matters. Relax your mouth. Relax your jaw. Relax your brows. Focus your eyes. If your face looks tense, go back to some deep breathing and then release any leftover tension by laughing! And take that boudoir selfie!

Allana Taranto is a boudoir photographer based in Boston. Find more boudoir articles written by Allana on the Modern Muse blog.

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