This Muse, Ms. S. brought in SO MANY fun things to play with at her studio boudoir session in Boston. And she just really went to town with her accessories. So many necklaces.? So many fun vintage pieces to mix in with her new lingerie.

When we initially spoke, we chatted about her love to vintage, her tendency to go for layers and a bohemian look.? Her Pinterest board was full of glamorous women from the Ziegfeld girls to Brigitte Bardot to Steve Nicks.? Lots of texture and lots of drama!? I sent her a few items I found on Etsy.?She headed into the Modern Glamour favorite brick and mortar lingerie shop 40 Winks to get a few new pieces.? And she even made her own two tiered peacock feather earrings.? So there is also that.

You can check out some of her inspo on our Pinterest Board Boudoir Style Inspiration: Bohemian right here.

For styling, she opted for a subtly smokey eye and bright red lips – and making her bob as wildly fun and bouncy as it would get.? Channeling the spirit of a witchy 70s showgirl along the way.

Sharing a few of her boudoir shoot outfits with you today.? A beautiful combo of textures and colors! Inspiration worthy boudoir ideas below.? Note that there aren’t any matched sets here, but a playful mix of textures and colors and unexpected jewelry.

We had an amazing time together! Do you,?sometimes, also love the hilarity of the algorithms – check out the first suggestions of the bots thinks we want under Ideas You Might Love

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